Seeing A Professional

Judging by the number of toots I see for professional female spankers, the business must be booming. I have never seriously considered seeing a pro. Bacall is all the pro I need. I have admired a precious few of them, but most bill themselves as strictly business offering stern looks, severe clothing, and scolding etc. I like a hot bottom, but the woman must be playful. It’s the girl next door look for me.

Even if I had never met Bacall I doubt I would have seen a pro simply because paddling is sexual for me. The pro’s websites proclaim there will be no sex period. Without a sexual release, a spanking would be no fun for me.

Absolutely required for me

7 thoughts on “Seeing A Professional”

  1. I’ve been down that road visiting a “pro” spanker. Actually I’ve seen four of them over the course of many years. First off let me say their services don’t come cheap. They all were in the range of a low of $125.00 to a high of $300.00.
    I guess I can’t mention names but all are well known on the web and in these circles. All have web sites and fortunately all are within my driving range. Yes they all played the game, either your desire or theirs and yes you got a fairly decent spanking from them all. Somehow though, for me it was more mechanical or clinical then fun, except for one of the pros who I really had fun with and who I almost had some additional activity with.
    Now why did I see them when I have a perfectly good partner to engage with. Well, call it morbid curiosity. I just had to see if there was a difference and it took me 4 tries to realize there is. Somehow there’s just no personal connection with paid services, it can be fun but for me there was just no release and I find that necessary.
    I won’t knock them for what they do, they do it well, make good money doing it but it falls short of what I need.

    That lady animated photo, that’s what I’m talking about!

  2. Your words fleshed out my thoughts about a pro. Without a connection, there is little satisfaction be it a pro spanker or a prostitute. The feeling just does not last very long.

    Yeah that image shows Bacall having fun with me

    Bogey, anonymous while signed in to my vanilla web site

  3. All three of those look fun to me. I too find spankings to be sexual so I could never bring myself to visit a professional. I don't want correction or discipline. I want a right royal spanking from a woman I find attractive and can express my gratitude for the spanking to. Which is my wife. 🙂


  4. I visited many pros when young & single over a span of more than a decade. Almost all were great experiences. I dated and had dinners with 3 of them, and one led to a several year sexual encounter (outside of her work place). It was limited geographically and because we weren't quite as good a match outside the sexual arena. Each of these 3 enjoyed her work but viewed it as temporary. They were well educated and more than reasonably bright. All 3 left the industry once a better long-term opportunity arose. Hope that's not TMI, but it gave me considerable respect for these women.

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