That Damned Batten

Many years ago Bacall found a discarded wooden batten at our sail club. She judged it perfect for frying her inner thighs. Yeah, strange, right? I tried it, but did not care for it on my inner thighs, but liked it on the front and backs of my legs. Yeah, strange, right? 

This fellow’s legs look like mine after she works her magic on me. Once the thigh fry is done, she switches to a wood paddle to make my bottom glow. It’s like two paddings rolled into one.

6 thoughts on “That Damned Batten”

  1. I have to side with Ronnie on this one. I wouldn’t care to have my thighs or legs beaten with that thing. Reminds me of a yardstick.
    I’ll stick with a traditional paddling on the bare bottom

  2. Well Bogey, to each his own, but I have to side with Ronnie and especially with Hands63, “I’ll stick with a traditional paddling on the bare bottom.”……the sail battens which I have encountered are pretty stiff – stiffer than a yardstick!

  3. OK, yeah, it's weird. It's not something I would have ever thought about. 20? years ago Bacall saw the batten on the grounds of the sail club and picked it up. It's 18″ inches long, 1.25 wide and 3/16 thick. It bends a bit, it would have to used as a sail batten. She decided it would be perfect to spank her inner thighs with. And you think I am weird? She tried on my inner thighs and I did not care for that so much, but it's like an electric shock to the front and back of my thighs. Strictly school boy stuff I guess. About 20 odd licks split about even between the front and back. It's a hot burn. All the while I am taking it, I know the paddling is still ahead. Yeah, weird, but I love it.

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