4 thoughts on “Watching Your Friend Get It”

  1. I'd kind of like to re-enact this scene with my wife and I bent over the bed. We could observe each other's reactions as the paddlings proceeded.

  2. Stop by and have your scene come to life. I wish we had done this when we played with others. While we were both spanked, sometimes in the same room, by another couple, we never did it so we could watch each other.

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  3. Absolutely love this concept. I’ve been in that situation where I was in position across a table with my wife next to me facing in the opposite direction across the same table. Needless to say both our bottoms were bare and we were both being spanked by two of our party friends, initially by hand and then with paddles.
    I can’t begin to tell you how much of an additional turn on it was for me to watch my wife’s ass bounce and her body react to her spanking while at the same time I was feeling the physical aspects of my own spanking.
    It wasn’t only the visual experience but the audio one as well. The sounds from the spankings , the contact and the vocal noises all added to the excitement, not to mention the echoes in the room from those paddles striking bare bottoms.
    Just incredible!! Highly recommend

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