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  1. Wife and Mother-in-law to give a spanking, fantasy for many males, myself included. I'm married and my wife does spank me, my mother-in-law knows of the spankings, a few times has stated she should spank me, I dream of this happening, it won't. I did mention to my wife after such a comment, she stated not going to happen, even knew I wanted it to happen, let just say she really gave me a spanking for even thinking of it, worse we were going out to dinner with her that evening. Squirming was very hard not to do, my mother-in-law asked what I did, I said nothing, my wife said later. I do not know if she told her mother or not.

  2. Being spanked by your M-I-L is a very popular fantasy for OBB readers based on the number of hits a single post on the topic gets every day. It it in second place, and way in front of the topics such as switching which is the theme of OBB.

  3. Not interested in the M-I-L fantasy at all. However the large woman or amazon woman spankings does do something for me.
    Like the idea of a large powerful woman in control and being completely helpless.
    Just another one of my fantasies.

    The artist in your 5th photo is someone who goes by the name of Sorenutz. I like a lot of his work, the spanking stuff, not his castrations or ball busting drawings.

  4. Some mother’s-in-laws live up to the stereotype, they become involved with their daughters married life. To me it is not a fantasy, it has occurred, on a few occasions. The first time was the worse, she knew her daughter sparked me, agreed. One such spanking I was facing the wall in the kitchen, my pants and underpants around my ankles, when she visited, always came when ever she felt like it. My wife explained why I was standing there, the hairbrush still on the table. I made a comment about not liking her mother to see me, my wife reminded me that no talking. I said something else, and my mother-in-law said to her daughter this is how you administer a spanking, I was soon over her lap and that hairbrush landed hard, fast, and I was soon a mess and when she stood me up, I was told no rubbing, she scolded me, handed the hairbrush back to her daughter, wait and apply it again for his behavior was out of line. My wife did wait until her mother left and I was soon back over her lap and promising to be good. Joe

  5. Fantasy, is that what not drives sexual desires. Single male, not always seeing someone, the desire is there. Say what you want about masturbating, both sexes do it, to full fill a need. I admit I have while having intercourse thought of being spanked by the woman I'm loving and at times an older woman, the mother-in-law. They not knowing what I'm thinking about enjoy the results, some will ask, but I do not reveal those thoughts. We are sexual animals, so what ever turns you on is who you are, acceptance by others does not matter. I've gotten very lucky and met a person to whom I did share these thoughts, she understood, heard it before. She then asked if I wanted her to spank me, I said yes. The understanding was she would decided how long and what to use, I accepted. The first was a shock, she truly does understand my need and also understand it does do me more good than I thought. I will be married in about a month, the spankings will continue, only when she decides it is needed. I have confided in her the mother-in-law dream, she smiles, watch what you wish for, and from experience she states you do not want to go over her mother's lap, trust me she saids with a smile. So this is my view, how I find sexual fullfillment, and others may say what they wish, each to his own.

  6. I could not asked for a better Mother In Law. She was a real treasure, like her daughter. I never thought about being spanked by her or any other older woman. I am a free spirit and have no need for anyone to control me.

    If someone wanted a very popular spanking blog it should be on being spanked by a Mother In Law. I would bet that most readers would be named Anonymous.

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