Men In Panties

I have enjoyed wearing panties since we were newlyweds. Panties and paddling go together for both of us. We both have panties we only wear for spanking. Some are matching. Bacall has a large drawer of them. I have over a dozen. I would have more, but they shrink.

One reader wrote and told us about some of the really good looking and expensive panties he buys. I guess we are both too cheap to get those.  

A fellow blogger sent me this comment she found on a panties site.

My wife bought a pair and she loved them so she got a pair for me and I love them. We will be wearing them when we go out together. what fun! 
They feel good on and she says they look great on me.
Must buy more . A pair for each day.

Here are two pair I bought last month on Amazon. They have room for male equipment which makes them a lot more comfortable. They are rather sheer and allow the sting of the paddle to come through. Bacall likes the look and the way they feel to her hand. I get a lot more stroking during a paddling with these on. Grin.

 I wish my abs looked like this

12 thoughts on “Men In Panties”

  1. I've been wearing panties for years and love the feel as does my wife. the ones you show look nice, but what I don't see in them is a way to use the bathroom. Looks like you have to pull them down to urinate.

  2. I won’t say I never tried wearing panties but it’s just not my thing. Everyone had different tastes.

    About those panties of yours shrinking, maybe you’re just getting larger. 🙂
    We all had a “six pack “ at one time in our lives. Now we’re all sporting the full keg.

  3. We are very much into panties as well. In fact my spankings must start with panties up before she pulls them down for the real thrashing. Good to know others enjoy as well.

  4. My late wife loved me in panties and though she's been gone almost five years, I still wear them every day. We used to enjoy buying matching pairs…mine XL, hers M. The clerks sometimes made sure we were getting the right sizes…”His and hers,” one of us would respond! Virtually all my spankings started with me in panties, which she'd lower. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Panties indeed, humiliating when stood in the corner awaiting punishment and even more so when over a female knee being scolded before the spanking. Of course they are then pulled down for a bare bottomed thrashing. Love wearing them and so so nearly 24/7, with wife's approval of course!!

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