9 thoughts on “F/M Paddling”

  1. Joe, Jackie my wife spanks me no other way. She states she has me constrained,my bottom tightens up, and most of all reminds me that I’ve been a naughty little boy and naughty little boys are spanked oak.

  2. Morning Joe, OTK is by far the most used spanking position. It's just not for us. It allows the spanker to produce the most sting with the least effort. Hard and fast licks will reduce all but the extreme iron-bottoms. I agree OTK is best for naughty ones. We are just not naughty.

  3. When my girlfriend spanks me, it is usually OTK. It is a very intimate position, just the act of going across her knee is exciting. The only time it is not OTK is when I do something that annoys her and she gives me a few swats on my bottom spontaneously. She sometimes does this in public, which I find embarrassing but also exciting.

  4. I like the look of laps much more when they’re wearing stockings with garters exposed.
    Don’t see that much anymore. Of course high heels.
    Going OTK is OK with me but not as the only position. I usually prefer to be paddled while bent over an object.

  5. With is it's always her sitting on rhe bed, leaning against the headboard, propped up by pillows and me across her lap. Both of us naked.

    If I came across that lovely lady in the red bikini holding THAT paddle, I think I would have to to try very hard to not strip naked and dive across her lap…
    My goodness.


  6. My preference is over my wife's knees with her wearing her girdle and stockings. Usually for the hairbrush, the bathbrush is for over back of settee. Both painful, but so good!! Girdles give authority and the 'untouchable' aspect to my discipline.

  7. Just tight and hard to get in to! My take on it but I remember seeing my mother in her girdle and she looked so strict. Hard to explain.

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