Seeing A Professional

Judging by the number of toots I see for professional female spankers, the business must be booming. I have never seriously considered seeing a pro. Bacall is all the pro I need. I have admired a precious few of them, but most bill themselves as strictly business offering stern looks, severe clothing, and scolding etc. I like a hot bottom, but the woman must be playful. It’s the girl next door look for me.

Even if I had never met Bacall I doubt I would have seen a pro simply because paddling is sexual for me. The pro’s websites proclaim there will be no sex period. Without a sexual release, a spanking would be no fun for me.

Absolutely required for me

The Panic Button

Some like a spanking where you have no control, and you reach the ‘panic button’ state.  Where you think it won’t end. It is most effective. Rapid licks OTK with a hairbrush is a time-proven method for an effective spanking. As Bacall says, OTK is great because “it’s right there”, meaning the bottom is so conveniently located and the application of a hairbrush is really easy. 

This is an edited version of an on-going conversation I have had with a woman who was spanked by her parents, established a  relationship with an “Aunt and Uncle” before she married and is also spanked by her husband.  The spankings by her “Aunt and Uncle” are for stress relief. Similar to the ones she got from her parents, they take her to her panic button quickly. The spankings from her husband are erotic.

On tears – It is not so much the pain that makes me cry when I get a real spanking, it is mostly my mindset when it happens. I want the release so I’m ready to just ‘let go’ and I don’t try to hold back. I know not everyone needs tears, but they do make me feel better. To me, adult spankings should be whatever a person wants and need to be satisfied. 

I’ll be honest, I can write things down that I’d never be able to say to someone about spankings. Its a lot easier to express my feelings to you, and I can only imagine the embarrassment I’d feel trying to say them in person. I’ve talked to a couple of other women who want real punishment spankings sometimes too, so I’m not alone in that, but I would guess we are in the minority. I don’t think of them as ‘punishment’ in the same sense it was when I was spanked as a teenager. Then I deserved to be disciplined for my misbehavior, but now they’re really my way of coping with emotional issues. I have a difficult time of letting go of sad and stressful things, and they sort of grate on me after awhile. A hard spanking isn’t going to kill me, but crying my eyes out does help on the emotional side, and its a lot cheaper than a therapist. LOL I think my husband would give me those spankings if I asked him to, but I know he really doesn’t want to. I was seeing my ‘uncle’ before I even met him, and when I figured out he was the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I told him everything. Thankfully he understood why I needed them so it hasn’t been an issue for us. He’s met my disciplinarian, and usually goes with me when I need to see him. He’s watched me get spanked a couple of times, but most often he sits in the next room until its over.  

You asked about anticipation and there is definitely quite a bit of that. Not sexual like with my husband, but I will admit there is a certain excitement that builds up when I know I’m going to see him, my “uncle”. Maybe excitement is the wrong word because its more like anxiety or a little feeling of dread, but I still get the butterflies in my stomach and feel that certain tingle in my bottom before it happens. A lot of the feelings are the same as when my Dad spanked me, but now I have a lot longer to think about them. I schedule a visit at least a week or two ahead so it gives me plenty of time for my imagination to run amuck and make me want to change my mind!  

I never purposely did anything to get a spanking while at home, but I knew if I got caught doing them I would get spanked, so maybe subconsciously I wanted to get spanked. I definitely didn’t enjoy being turned over Dad’s knee, and I certainly didn’t accept them very well. I think if we had been outside, everyone within two miles would have known Daddy was blistering my bare bottom! LOL 

That Damned Batten

Many years ago Bacall found a discarded wooden batten at our sail club. She judged it perfect for frying her inner thighs. Yeah, strange, right? I tried it, but did not care for it on my inner thighs, but liked it on the front and backs of my legs. Yeah, strange, right? 

This fellow’s legs look like mine after she works her magic on me. Once the thigh fry is done, she switches to a wood paddle to make my bottom glow. It’s like two paddings rolled into one.

How we came to spanking

An OBB reader posted:
I have never met anyone, knowingly, that shared my passion for spanking.
Neither have I sought out like-minded folks to meet up with. I do wonder, though, if I ever will at some stage.

That gave me the impetus for this post – a tell-all.

How we came to spanking…that starts with my background before I met Bacall. I think I spanked most of the girls I dated. I never planned to spank them, it came naturally because of something they did. I would ask them to cease whatever annoying behavior they were doing. Of course, the little darlings relished that game. So I would hoist their skirts and spank them. They took it in good fun. But, it was common that the same behavior occurred the next date with the same result. I was being played, but I was too dim to understand it. I did not see spanking as sexual. But, afterward, they would often be sitting on my lap with their panties down being comforted and still impish. The only way I can see this is that since their panties were down for a “good reason” it was OK to advance to some heavy petting. Always likes that term. So spanking was a back door to sex. Bad pun.

I was 19 when spanking became sexual for me. Now I not only consciously wanted to spank I wanted to be spanked. That was two firsts for me. The trigger for this event was a picture like this one of two women spanking each other. Why a depiction of F/F spanking caused my sudden interest in F/M spanking will always be a mystery to me.

Since I was now actively thinking about spanking my dates, it was no longer spontaneous. And I think less enjoyable for both of us. I had a lot to learn.
When I started dating Bacall, she naturally felt my palm and after awhile I got the nerve to tell her I wanted to be paddled. She took to it like a duck to water.
I was still really stupid about spanking her. I thought the only way to do it was paddling her like I liked being paddled. That was too painful for her. Still is most of the time.
Years pass, I was usually the one getting paddled. I just could not imagine another way to spank other than with a paddle and hard.
The internet dawned and we found that we were not alone in enjoying spanking. One thing led to another and soon we were in a group of spankers. At first, only 20 people, it quickly grew to over 100 souls. We got together several times a year for long weekends.
It was at the first party that things changed for us. I was spanking a gal in an adjoining room and Bacall came in and told me to come and see this. I said, “In a minute, I am little busy right now”. But, she was so excited she persisted to encourage me to drop what I was doing and come to see her discovery. It was a leather paddle.
We bought several leather paddles and that changed the whole dynamic for us. She was now paddled as often, if not more so, than me.
More years went by and just as suddenly she decided she liked wood paddles better. Not the same ones as I prefer, but still darn stingy ones. Isn’t that right, Ronnie? [At her request, I made her one just like Bacall’s]
This photo was taken during her transition from leather to wood. From left to right, a metal ruler – her idea. Pussy flogger. Two leather toys and her first wood paddle.

So to our reader, what I am saying is that there are people just like you out there. Why are we hiding from each other? You will not find many women that enjoy spanking men, but there are lots of women who want to be spanked.

Questions? Comments?

Men In Panties

I have enjoyed wearing panties since we were newlyweds. Panties and paddling go together for both of us. We both have panties we only wear for spanking. Some are matching. Bacall has a large drawer of them. I have over a dozen. I would have more, but they shrink.

One reader wrote and told us about some of the really good looking and expensive panties he buys. I guess we are both too cheap to get those.  

A fellow blogger sent me this comment she found on a panties site.

My wife bought a pair and she loved them so she got a pair for me and I love them. We will be wearing them when we go out together. what fun! 
They feel good on and she says they look great on me.
Must buy more . A pair for each day.

Here are two pair I bought last month on Amazon. They have room for male equipment which makes them a lot more comfortable. They are rather sheer and allow the sting of the paddle to come through. Bacall likes the look and the way they feel to her hand. I get a lot more stroking during a paddling with these on. Grin.

 I wish my abs looked like this