Victor Says It Better Than I Can

We left for the western states yesterday.

We hope you enjoy one or more of these articles by Victor Davis Hanson.

Radioactive Trump

The Real Russian Disaster

Here he describes the area where he lives and his family before him.
The AR-15
Some say it’s too powerful for civilian use. Others say it’s the most user-friendly rifle around. Politico dubbed it “the most political gun in America.” 
The AR-15’s ability to be customized makes it the favored rifle for all kinds of shooters. You can replace parts, attach accessories and paint it to make it your own. Gun advocates call it the Lego or Barbie of guns because of that versatility.
Everything that makes it the most popular rifle in the U.S. — easy to buy, easy to shoot, easy to customize — also makes it an extremely efficient killing machine.
In case you don’t know
Weapons called assault rifles are being railed against. They do not meet the definition of an assault rifle, but they are still lethal. A traditional hunting rifle is lethal and has the same or superior properties to weapons that look like assault rifles. In fact, there are numerous wooden stock hunting rifles that are more lethal than what are being termed assault rifles.
AR does not stand for assault rifle. It stands for Armalite, a manufacturer. The term has become generic.
An assault rifle has selectable firing modes, both semi and fully automatic. These weapons are strictly controlled. Simply put, you can not buy one. Only law enforcement and the military can possess automatic weapons made after 1986. You can buy an automatic rifle or machine gun made before 1986 if you have deep pockets, ($10,000 to $40,0000+ obtain a federal license and meet both federal and state requirements.

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  1. My brother lives in Maryland. He owns a fully automatic submachine gun (pre-1986, tax tagged and registered), but he he cannot own a semi-automatic AR-15. Does this make sense?

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