Valentine Day

Many blogs will have a Valentine theme today. Passing here. 

I am wondering if we should put OBB to sleep after 10 years and 1400 posts? Even with the Blogger comment problems, there is precious little interaction. Stats show a steady readership, but a dearth of comments in 2018.

What’s going on folks? I am not about to start posting nothing but pictures of butts. If that’s your thing, there are a thousand Tumblr sites.

Any comments???

5 thoughts on “Valentine Day”

  1. I personally hope you don't. My stats show a good readership but comments are low but I am grateful for those who do comment. I still enjoy posting so I carry on. When I no longer enjoy it, I'll hang my blogger hat up.

    Happy Valentine's day to you both.


  2. I think it’s normal to go through stages of inactivity with these blogs. Sometimes folks just get bored or find no time to participate. Others just follow but never post for whatever reason.
    Then again these blogs take some level of talent and intelligence to communicate with each other, a skill that is dying in this world.
    I’ll toss in the political issues going on as well. Folks have taken sides on these blogs. Fights, not discussions have broken out. People fear retaliation if they post a comment. Friendships have been lost.
    I hope you don’t give it up but I can understand your feelings.
    Like all good things, they eventually come to an end.

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