Bond, James Bond

Bacall writes:
I was reading an article about millennials watching old James Bond movies.  There was a picture of Sean Connery, who was the best James Bond by far, and these stupid people think Sean Connery’s along with Roger Moore’s character were rapists.  Just looking at Sean Connery’s picture with his shirt off makes me hot.  

Actually, I had my first spontaneous orgasm when he appeared on the screen in his tux and said his name was “Bond, James Bond”.  Wow, that really hit me and I was sitting in a theatre fully clothed!  

Do the millennials not know what rape is??  Later I read that he was a spanker.  I would gladly go over his knee for a spanking.  He is still sexy to me.  Also as the saying goes, I would trip him and beat him to the floor. [Bogey, this is why celebrities have security]

Now back to our everyday life. Saturday I decided that there just wasn’t enough spankings going on in our house. Bogey says it’s too cold.  So I went into the den and told him that I would just spank myself and use the vibrator. I started spanking, but he was watching and told me I wasn’t doing it correctly.  I said that my wrist hurt from all of the scrubbing I had been doing.  He decided that maybe it wasn’t so cold and he would help me.  What a great guy!

2 thoughts on “Bond, James Bond”

  1. Bacall, you are so right, Sean the best Bond. When I see him on TV now, I think back to the time he was in the same lift as me, he smiled and said hello, and me, just nodded and stood there grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I was a long younger then, wouldn't be like that if I met him now:)

    I think Bogey made the right decision in helping a lady out.


  2. If I wasn’t a straight male, I’d find him hot myself.
    I was always hoping for a scene in a Bond movie where he puts Moneypenny over his knee.

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