The Way I Heard It

This has nothing to do with spanking.  Let’s say this post celebrates the end of January.

Mike Rowe tells true stories on his podcast The Way I Heard It. This is a story I heard. It may be true.

The Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana is remote and huge. If you want to go there, you hike. There are no roads. You will crest several saddles covered with scree. It’s ain’t easy. US Navy SEALS love a challenge, especially something that no one has done before. Bragging rights are cherished. A few years back, some SEALS decided that ‘The Bob’ was a suitable challenge if they did it in February. Nothing like post-holing through snow.

The Forest Service has a few cabins in remote parts of ‘The Bob’ so they can make sure no one steals the forest. The year the SEALS were there one cabin was “manned” for the winter by a young woman. By February she had seen no one for months. Imagine how thrilled she was to see some of the fittest fun-loving men in the world on her doorstep.

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