Real World School Paddling

Hands63 wrote this real-life spanking encounter in response to the recent School Paddling post.
I was in junior high school at the time.  My father had recently died and I was, in short, a troubled kid.
I was mad at the world and my mother couldn’t control me by herself. My dad was the one who kept us in line. I got into all sorts of trouble at that time on the streets and in school especially. Surprisingly I was a rather smart kid, so my schoolwork wasn’t affected, my grades were well above average. My real problem was I just hated being in school and being told what to do. 
Anyway, I was also going through that phase in life where girls were becoming my main focus. Hell,  I got my first blowjob at 14 on a class train trip to Washington DC.
My best friend at the time was my main pal, Tommy. The two of us were always involved in some plan, usually, one which wasn’t totally legit.
We had found a way at school to spy on the girls in their shower room in their gym area. The school had two gyms, one for the boys and the other for the girls and the lockers and showers were sandwiched between them, sort of back to back. 
These were the days of segregation between boys and girls and it was strictly a no-no to even attempt to peek. 
We found a way to get up into the suspended ceiling in our locker room by moving the ceiling tiles and climbing up into the space above them. Once there we crawled over several yards of ductwork and found the grills that were over the girl’s showers. 
We’d go up there when we could and just watch the show of naked girls showering. Then one fatal day we went up and while the show was on, Tommy slipped and went crashing down through the ceiling, landing in the girl’s shower. I can still hear the screaming. I tried to crawl back to our locker room and get the hell out of there but I got caught just as I left the room and ran straight into the girl’s gym teacher who had come running when she heard the screaming. She grabbed me and I couldn’t break loose. Then the second female gym teacher arrived and went into the locker room and found Tommy still on the floor. The girls were all told to get dressed and get out. We were escorted off to the dean’s office. We were still in our gym outfits which were just gym shorts and t/shirt. 
Needless to say, there was a big commotion over what we did. Threats of suspension from school even maybe being expelled. The dean had us sit while he called for our parents to come up to school. Meantime while we waited they got together the girls who were in the shower at the time and also called their parents as well to come up to the school.  
My mother arrived as well as Tommy’s and in short time the mothers of the girls who were in the shower also showed up and they were furious. We not only heard it from our mothers but the dean, the gym teachers, and all the other mothers. One mom, in particular, wanted blood. 
This was like a federal crime at that time seeing a girl naked. No one really knew how to handle it. 
The dean proposed suspension and since it was near the end of the school year he also said we wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremonies. Not like we cared. 
My mom was willing to go along with whatever since she had just about given up trying to handle me. Tommy’s mom as well was agreeable to whatever they decided. However, I go back to the one mother of this one girl (Ashley) who felt that what they suggested wasn’t good enough for the crime. She stated and quite loudly, “if it were up to me I’d blister both their bottoms so they’d never do it again“.
Suddenly, all heads turned and looked at us and an overwhelming nod of agreement filled the room. Even our moms thought it was a perfect solution. So they agreed to do it but again Ashely’s mom felt that once we were let go home it wouldn’t happen. She wanted justice done there and then.
Then came the proposal by Ashley’s mom that she’d do it but that wasn’t going to happen. The female gym teacher spoke out and suggested that as long as our mothers were in agreement and it would satisfy the rest of all involved that the school should administer the punishment, namely the gym teachers and all would witness. 
So that was the decision. We were led into the adjoining conference room. All the mothers followed. The dean arranged two chairs in the front of the room while everyone else took a seat in the front row. One of the gym teachers took hold of my hand and led me to one of the chairs. Tommy did the same with the other teacher. They each seated themselves while we stood waiting at their sides for everyone else in the room to get settled.
Finally, I heard the dean once again ask everyone if this is in agreement and heard all the yes replies. He looked at us and told us what was about to happen and then instructed the two teachers to begin. 
I can still see the eyes of that teacher. She turned to me and told me to look directly into her eyes and not to look anywhere else. I was so scared I obeyed completely. While I was fixed on her stare she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and in one move got me over her lap.  I remember looking to my right and seeing Tommy in the same position over the lap of the second teacher. 
Without warning the spanking began and it went on for some time. I can’t say I heard anything from the crowd of onlookers because I was already in tears crying, not just from the spanking but from the embarrassment of the situation. There I was, on a teachers lap, people watching me get spanked and I’m bare bottomed. I could hear the slaps on our bottoms echoing in that room. 
I would say she gave me a good five minutes of her best effort. I knew I got a good spanking that day. Finally, I heard the dean call for an end and the gym teacher reached down and pulled up my shorts so I wouldn’t have to stand up exposing myself.
We were scolded again after the spankings and finally allowed to leave with our mothers
Side story 
Tommy was one of the friends I lost in Vietnam years later. 
Ashley, l fucked that summer after graduation. 
Spanking became part of my life. 

No animals were harmed in the production of this movie. 

6 thoughts on “Real World School Paddling”

  1. Amazing how many people become spankos because of situations in school. My fascination started in the 2nd grade, getting the strap for throwing stones – unsuccessfully – at a girl in my class.

  2. It was a neighbor lady, watching us while the parents worked. Rule was what ever happened there stayed their. She spanked her kids and I was subject to the same thing. What I never got use to was having my pants and underpants pulled down by her, over her lap, crying, pleading and then standing in the corner. I learned later I enjoyed that, my wife today spanks me, not for sexual favors but for punishment, attitude, behavior. I find relief, less stressful life and just need a good spanking. Our sex life is great but does not involved spankings.

  3. I didn't really mean to delete my first post, I really wanted to edit and add some additional comments. I'll try this again.

    I was never spanked at school even though spanking was permitted and practiced at my religious elementary school. Neighborhood moms though are a different story.

    Four moms including mine made a pact one day following a group spanking – myself, two other boys and a girl. They agreed that any mom could spank any of us. They did not hesitate to exercise those rights. They all had their favorite weapons – paddle, belt, hairbrush and one mom – switches. Always firmly applied to young bare fannies – mixed company was not a consideration especially by HER mom.

    A spanking at home always followed a spanking at a neighbor's house. This continued until we all started puberty. Then the same moms made another pact – telephone calls. By this time all of the moms had acquired matching arsenals of spanking tools and all had been granted switch cutting privileges by Mrs. M ( a huge weeping willow tree provided a near endless supply of thin, almost whip-like, switches that left marks instantly). So if there was a phone call to your mom you could count on being spanked with the host mom's choice and then your own mom's favorite. No recovery time in between!

  4. If you mean, did any of these women ever spank me as an adult, then the answer is no with the exception of my own mother. I still live within a few miles of my childhood home and would see these women occasionally in passing, all have died now.

    I was last spanked by my mom when I was 27. I foolishly volunteered for that spanking and to make matters worse, I requested a severe punishment session.

    Mom spanked by a formula, there was a “warm up” by hand or with one of her implements. The number of swats was equal to your age. Occasionally, the warm up would be given over underwear, but more often than not she would bare my bottom before starting. Following the warm up came the main event which was a second spanking, always on the bare, again your age delivered with another implement which she considered more painful. Her “peck order for implements in order of severity was hand, paddle, belt and switch being the most severe.

    I had not been spanked by my mom in many years. I was at her house and made a now forgotten remark which really hurt her feelings, I regretted it the instant I said it and I could see that it hurt her. I impulsively suggested that she spank me for such a rude remark. She thought for a second and agreed. I told her to wait a few minutes until I called her, and told her to bring the belt when she came to the basement where virtually all of my childhood spankings had been administered.

    I grabbed some clippers and went out the side door to Mrs. M's weeping willow and cut a selection of switches – as luck would have it Mrs. M saw me through her window – she just smiled knowingly and gave a little wave – I was totally mortified to say the least but philosophically accepted it as another part of my punishment. (I am certain that Mrs. M and my mom chatted some time later!)

    Back in mom's basement, I retrieved the traditional backless chair, the paddle which was stored in the basement and rather than just removing my pants (SOP for a spanking from mom), I impulsively removed my underwear also and called upstairs telling mom that I was ready to be spanked.

    She arrived in short order carrying her well used spanking belt. Somewhat surprised that I was already bare, I said that I didn't want any clothing to get in her way (nudity in our home was nothing unusual). I handed her the paddle and laid the switches on a nearby table. She was confused and I told her she should use all three, that I deserved it all. I bent over the chair for 27 hard strokes of the paddle. She finished and gave me a minute to get myself under control. Then 27 with the belt. Another short rest and I whispered that I was ready for the switch and she laid 27 stingers with two switches onto my already very red fanny.

    As usual, she gave me a big hug when she was finished and we each said “I love you”. The matter or this spanking was never mentioned again – except probably to Mrs. M!

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