At The Office

Bacall saw this drawing and wrote about it.

They take work seriously at Women, Inc. an employment agency for women, staffed by women.  Meg, the mail room girl, has been doing a sloppy job and she lost an important piece of mail for Peggy that resulted in her losing a substantial commission. Peggy reported it to Elizabeth, the manager. Elizabeth took the situation in hand.

You want to guess which one Bacall sees herself as in the picture? Meg, Peggy or Elizabeth?

8 thoughts on “At The Office”

  1. We have role played “naughty secretary”. I am always sassy, such as not being able to do anything because my nails were wet. Oops, I used that excuse on my actual job, but never got a spanking there.

  2. I’ve always wonder in a all girl office if spankings do not occur. The one in charge is usually older, and so a trip to the managers office could mean a spanking, not being done during working hours, but lunch time or a trip to the bathroom. A gal I dated when I asked her, just said women address work problems, bitchy problems different.

  3. Everyone guessed correctly, Bacall says she would be the spanker in this scene. But, she has been the spankee when she has played naughty secretary. You should hear her alibi's then.

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