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I am not a fan of captioned spanking pictures. And here’s why. You start with a picture of an attractive woman seated. There is no visual connection to spanking, but her lap is exposed.

That would make this an ideal picture to caption with words that the woman would never say, but a submissive man would dearly love to hear. It’s a harmless fantasy.

Wank on guys.

I have too much time on my hands. I tripped over a tumblr blog where the guy censors his pictures.

Yep, seems he does not have a woman to deny him, so he does itself.

Speaking of denial, it seems to me that a fair number of the FM sites are about men wanted to be denied. Teasing without orgasm, ruined orgasms, no self-pleasure, locked in a cage or just plain no sex. I can not relate to that.

In the December of my years, I wonder how many times I forewent an orgasm to do mundane things like cut the grass.

If you are into chastity, how about dual chastity?

The denial of sex is sexy to some.

6 thoughts on “Captioned Pictures”

  1. The news daily reports of the sexual misconduct, why not do a story on this, what could be done to those accused, only once did I make that mistake. My wife understood, accepted my apology, but still found sitting not good for a couple of days. Just thought I would mention this.

  2. I find it easy enough to ruin an orgasm by simply looking at a photo of Nancy Pelosi
    Otherwise sexual denial is not my game.

    BTW I kind of like the idea of discussing sexual harassment on the blog.
    They’re dropping like flies now.

  3. I can always count on you to make me smile. Yep, Pelosi would make me melt.

    I wrote a few words about sexual harassment for Saturday. I do not hold women harmless when they say or do nothing for years.

  4. I try to find humor in everything. If only this country could learn to laugh at itself things might be better.
    Now if you want to really laugh.
    I guess you won’t win the Erica Scott “Kiss my Ass Award” this year.
    It’s as defunct as Hillary

  5. Have never understood the denial of sex and/or satisfaction to either party…definitely not my kink. But each to his own and if that turns someone's crank, who am I to say otherwise.

    Hands63…love your comments…you crack me up. 🙂

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

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