Love Our Lurkers Day

Here we are again. This the 10th year OBB has participated in LOL.

LOL is supposed to be about encouraging lurkers to make comments. Blogs are best when interactive. We really enjoy knowing what you are thinking. Your thoughts often give us an idea for another post.

So yes, comments are welcome, BUT, I only comment when a post is well done, original, titillating, etc. If my readers have the same behavior, then OBB is not always original, or titillating. We do try. And we feel OBB is different from most spanking blogs. Not the best, but different.

Comments are down in the last two months. While readership is up. The Saturday posts are the most popular. Go figure. Bless you, Erica. You got Saturday posts started.

It would be a gift to us for you to comment on some posts we make during the coming year.

Here is our gift you today.

Three things that once gone never come back: Time, Words, Opportunity.

Three things that will destroy a person: Anger, Pride, Unforgiveness.

Three things that you should never lose: Hope, Peace, Honesty.

Three things that are most valuable: Love, Family and Friends, Kindness.

One more small gift, I added another spanking game. If you get bored and have some free time, read it from the sidebar Spanking Game.

29 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers Day”

  1. Happy LOL day both. I hope you get some of your lurkers come out and say hello. I'll have to check some of those posts out when I have more time.


  2. Three things as per Jack Nicholson in The “Bucket List”

    Never pass up the opportunity to use the bathroom
    Never trust a wet fart
    Never waste a hard on

    Happy LOL Day to all.

  3. A Happy LOL-Day to you, Bogey and Bacall! I don't manage to comment a lot these days, but I'm still a regular lurker on your blog. The posts I enjoy the most are the ones discussing less mainstream spanking topics (like your post Women Spanking Men from January) and your private accounts on your spankings.

  4. Happy LOL Days to both of you! Thank you for very for the 3 things lists…love them. I don't always comment but do enjoy visiting.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

  5. Interesting that it's mostly women that stop by on LOL. I wonder if they ever come the other days of the year? I know that they comment regularly on other blogs. It's also women that have an internet name. Are men too lazy to have one? Or do they fear being found out?

    Only one LOL day here. I took it as Friday or Saturday. One day is enough.

  6. Bogey:
    Happy LOL days and thanks!! As a non spanking commentary, Being a moderate conservative I also usually agree with your viewpoints. All of us need to be kinder, more gentle, and taking the time to walk in others boots.


  7. Rick, I try to be gentle, but it's uphill for me. I try to present facts that represent my POV as opposed to opinions that are based just emotion.

    I particularly like this from the current Dalia Lama. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

    Yeah, kindness when you are being insulted. It's a bitch.

  8. Hi Bogie,
    I lurk here regularly and I like your sense of humour and you POV articles…I usually disagree but they are interesting to get a perspective on things.

    Yes the Dalai Lama is an inspiration. I earnestly try to follow his example of peace, compassion and kindness.

  9. Hi to B&B.
    I posted a while ago about the 50,000 Irish slaves that were sent by the English to Barbados in only four years. Love your blood and your opinions.

  10. Auto-correct like humans is both good and bad.
    I pleased to know that you have a body shape fit enough for Agent Provocateur panties. Ice cream shrunk a lot of my panties. Second, that you have the means to afford them.
    Thanks for stopping by. Would like to correspond with you.

  11. I have been a lurker for a year. We are consensual spankers. Have been together fo 41 years, since 1976. Only in the last couple of years have we explored the spankings as part of forplay. At 69, I am in pretty good shape as is She. She is 67. I have had spanking fantasies since I was a kid. Same with women’s panties.
    She likes me in lacy Agent Provocateur or in mans thong by Clever. She hates me in traditional men’s underwear and won’t allow boxers in the house.

    She likes us to get dressed up for date night. Me in a coat and tie. She wears a sexy dress, thigh high stockings and heels. No panties for her on date night.
    She is slowly becoming a comfortable top. She now owns a few paddles and a nasty long bath brush. She is afraid she will hurt me. But she is a long way from that.
    She like me hot pink but not bruised.
    She likes to role play with me as a 15 year old full of mischief. We both grew up in the 50s and 60s where school spankings were a part of every day life. I went to Catholic schools from grade school thu HS. My high school was Jesuit.
    So my spankings are more of a made up game of the 15 year old and not true disciplinary.
    We don’t live in either female or male dominated relationship. We have a partnership even though I am an alpha male and She is more beta.
    We both work out several days a week in our home gym. She expects me in a thong in the gym. She wears sexy work out short shorts.
    She wants/expects sex almost every morning.
    And she still has a fantastic body.
    We both are part of the silent majority that is proud to have voted a non politician as President and we have not watched a NFL game since last year. She used to love the NFL, but that is now over.
    We are so disappointed in where the”noise” of the left is taking our country. She was a Sgt in the US Army in the 60s and 70s.
    Oh yea, she is a fabulous cook.
    I am a lucky guy. I am happy, and healthy with the perfect woman for me.

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