I have always enjoyed paddling a woman wearing jeans. Sure paddling panties and bare bottoms are most enjoyable, but I like jeans for a change. The crack the paddle makes on jeans is louder.

Venom in Denim

Looks Like She Found The Perfect Fit

Bacall got new jeans. We are breaking them in.

5 thoughts on “Denim”

  1. Soften the sound, tightens the bottom, my wife dreads these spankings. I still enjoy a good old fashion OTK bare bottom for her.

  2. I've always found that spanking over well fitted jeans has a tendency to hold the heat in! Hope you and Bacall have fun breaking in those jeans. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

  3. Short shorts are ideal as, when taken over her disciplinarian’s knee, she is immediately aware that a lot of her lower buttocks are already conveniently bare for me. I can add to her humiliation by further hoisting them high into her butt crack.

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