Islam Gave Us The Civil War

It’s Veterans Day in the States. The day I put on a cap I only wear once a year. We will participate in the local event and then have dinner with our daughter and her husband at a Cajun restaurant.

Last week’s post on where slaves were sold found some interest. Today, I will comment on the supply side.

My view of Islam is that it was started by a guy who dreamed of being someone. He accomplished his goal by either good tactics or blind luck, but he did conquer other tribes and steal enough booty and enslave enough folks to keep his fellow thieves happy and loyal to him. He was able to recruit more into his fold with each successful conquest. If a battle went against him, he would claim that they lost because they had lost their faith in Allah.

Now if I went up on a mountain and came down telling folks what Allah had revealed to me, you would place no credence in it. Mohammed had the charisma to pull it off, but that does not make it true.

So I say that Islam is based on conquest, thievery, and slavery and it was spread throughout the Mediterranean world by more conquest, thievery, and slavery.

While slavery was not unique to Islam, it was the followers of the Islam faith that brought it to the places they conquered. Don’t believe in Allah? Then you are our slave.

So just who were the folks enslaving blacks and selling them to whites? The ones who say Allahu Akbar just before cutting off your head. The same ones who were grabbing Europeans in the 1700’s and ransoming them. The same ones that Jefferson refused to pay tribute to, then known as the Barbary Pirates.

I say it was the followers of Islam that made slavery possible in North and South America. It was the followers of Islam who raided villages all over western Africa to capture humans that were sold to the redneck English who settled the southern states. The rednecks who had little, took care of nothing and made their living off the sweat of other humans and dreamed of being the equals of titled English. It was the combination of Islam and the dregs of the English that made the Civil War.


Just for Saturday readers. A song that will never be released, as Jimmy Page is very rigid about anyone else recording Led Zepplin music. Here’s Robert Plant and Alison Kraus performing a bluesy haunting rendition of Black Dog.

6 thoughts on “Islam Gave Us The Civil War”

  1. I'm referring to going up on a mountain and coming down telling people what God had told him, of course, not conquering others or taking slaves.

  2. Hi there! I'm writing/posting again, just a side note. Anyway, saw the title of this post on my blogroll and had to see if it really was the post subject, though I've popped by a few times in the last weeks, just haven't commented because I am the worst at it, as you will soon see, I ramble.

    I've been out of the spanking blog loop for a while, so please forgive me if you've already addressed this, but how does political commentary generally go over on a spanking blog? I ask because last night I was debating writing about Louis C.K. and whether the current issue with him is really a problem with sexual harassment/attack, or if it's actually a problem with our society because he has a particular fetish but it seems to me he hasn't found the right venue to explore it with the right partners. I don't feel like his behavior belongs in the same category as others currently under accusation, who acted through physical contact. It's obviously a touchy subject (ok, pun a little bit intended), but Islam and the Civil War are even touchier – people die over this stuff. Do you get nervous posting something more political like this? Do you worry about backlash? Or have you been blogging long enough that it's more like, “Here's my opinion, do what you will?” I'm curious because I do want to share my views of the world with the world – but I am also terrified of the world.

  3. Hi Abby,
    >how does political commentary generally go over on a spanking blog?
    We have more readers of the Saturday posts than any other posts.

    > Do you get nervous posting something more political like this? Do you worry about backlash?
    Not at all. I try to stay with facts. And if it’s opinion, I say it is. It’s a fact that Islam begin with thievery and slavery. No better source than the Koran. Also the various mostly unreliable Hadith’s talk in depth about the early conquests. [I say unreliable, because they were written at some distance from the events and are in conflict. Just like the Gospels] Sources also include surviving victims and third party accounts. Here I make the argument that slavery in the “New World” would not have been possible without the long established practice of Muslims in taking slaves. A case of supply and demand. It was not limited to Africa. They had been taking Europeans as slaves for centuries and ransoming them.

    > I am also terrified of the world.
    I wish it were possible to cast a spell and take your fear. I would go into more depth with you if you are not too terrified to write at mybottomburns at gmail dot com.

  4. Thank you for your service Bogey…am assuming you were in the Navy? Where were you stationed? My cousin (actually 1st once removed) is currently serving aboard the Kearsage. Hope you and Bacall enjoy your dinner and the company of your daughter and SIL.

    I do agree with what you had to say about Islam and slavery.

    Oh wow…thank you so much for sharing the Robert Plant and Alison Kraus version of Black Dog…totally awesome!

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

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