The Way It Was

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The Way It Was or maybe the way some thought it was.

I so get this. Our kitchen is hard, sounds escape and annoy me while I am goofing off in the next room waiting for the next feeding time. Kitchen’s should be detached from the house. The workshop and the garage should be in the center of the house, right next to the playroom. 😁

So Bacall has been deceiving me all these years getting me to serve her glass after glass of wine. She needs a spanking.

I kid you not, she pulled this in early marriage.
Now our marriage is more like this. 

7 thoughts on “The Way It Was”

  1. Loved that last panel! P has replied more than once to such goofy requests / demands with, “Whas'sa matter, you got two broke legs?” I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. We played 1963 yesterday. Bacall put on her sheer black girdle, bent over and I applied the paddle to her backside. It sure seemed like old times to us. Being sheer, you can see the skin. Background. She hated garter belts and only wore a girdle to hold up her stockings. She was a size small and bought a large, that worked for her purpose. She can still wiggle into that 1963 girdle. Bogey

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