Bacall Takes The Mound

Bacall writes:

I got a new pair of panties in red, so this morning I decided to try them out.  I fixed my face, combed my hair and put on the panties with a red bra.  I also got out two paddles, one of which is red.  The red paddle is very old but has not softened with age.  Sometimes my brain gets me in trouble.  I even got to pick the place to get paddled knelling on the couch. Isn’t Bogey sweet!

Bacall’s selections were the left and right paddles

So the session begins.  I kept saying “ow”.  Finally, I asked if he couldn’t hear me saying “ow”.  His comment, “Yes, I hear you. That’s how I know I am doing a good job”.  He’s also clever.

I guess I am a lucky girl.

                                   *    *   *

Bogey’s Turn The Next Day

We are easy to amuse. With a $10 pair of panties, we got two days of entertainment.

After breakfast, I showered and put on the red panties. Great fit and comfy. They are statin finished on the back and it felt really good to rub my bottom. 

I got out my old friends, the Principal, and Teacher’s paddles.

I wanted to be paddled bending over a chair in the dining room. Bacall gave me 8 with the Principal’s paddle over the panties. They provided more protection than I am accustomed to. Then, I think, another 8 with the panties down. Counting was getting confusing.

Next, I was back over holding the seat of the chair with my back arched and my seat sticking out for another 20 or so with the Teacher’s paddle. Neither one of us counted. I just know there were more licks than usual and they were hard ones. And so was I.

Bacall was a little disappointed that I did not feel my licks all day. 

The panties fit me much better than her so they will go into my drawer. We were hoping we could have another matching pair.

6 thoughts on “Bacall Takes The Mound”

  1. This male enjoys starting the spanking with panties on, it is slowly pulling them down, that I get the most enjoyment. I ask you, when the panties are pulled down, how do you as a female feel?

  2. Bogey my man, you’re one up on me with the panties wearing. I have to say that’s one of the few things I haven’t tried. I can see now I have to somehow add it to the repertoire.
    I know though I’d look terrible in a thong. Probably get arrested.

  3. Thanks to both of your for sharing your fun experience. If that picture is of the actual panties, they are very pretty. I was afraid I was going to read about your two trying to spank to match the color of the panties! LOL Happy to see you posting, Bacall.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

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