Bacall Tells All

Just because Ronnie Asked

Marriages – One 

Proposals – Two
Divorces – Zero
Surgeries – Yes – 14
Tattoos – Never

Piercings – One on each ear

Education – College

Military  – No

Have You Ever:

Shot a gun – Yes, I have my own gun

Quit a job – One

Been on TV – Once

Fallen in love – Once for real

Driven cross country – Over a dozen times

Hit a deer – Nope

Watched a birth – Almost 

Ridden in an ambulance – Yes

Sung karaoke – No, never

Ice skated – No
Been surfing – No

Seen the ocean – The Atlantic and Pacific many times. Sailed on both.

Ridden a horse – No

Almost died – No

Been punched – No

Punched back – No

Interests – Travel and spanking. We combine them.

Are you:

In love now – Absolutely! 

Daily Routine – Up around 6:00, surf for an hour, fix breakfast, a few chores, fix lunch,  sit  in my Lazy Boy surfing again, cook dinner and then watch Netflix, normally asleep by 10:00.

Bogey: My first look at Bacall was her standing with her hands on her hips. I remarked to my friend that I was going to give her the business. I always liked the feisty ones. A challenge. All these years later, she has not changed much. Always quick with a sassy remark, some are sometimes designed to get her spanked. She will continue with smart remarks while getting spanked.

A game I play with her starts with me saying “My next wife…” Last night I wondered aloud what we would have for dinner. She said nothing. I said “My next wife will…” paused for a nano-second and she completed the sentence. “Make reservations”.

She is always a step ahead.

3 thoughts on “Bacall Tells All”

  1. 14, that's a lot of surgeries. I think you two suit each other so very very well.

    Bacall, thanks for playing along.


  2. Thanks for sharing, Bacall…have missed your posts. Wow…you are an early bird! I would be also if morning happened around noon. I agree with Ronnie…absolutely love how well you and Bogey are suited to one another. Would really enjoy seeing some He said/She said posts from you two.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

  3. About our first meeting – just before Easter I went to our favorite clothing store to buy my brother a suit for Easter. It was busy, but patience is not one of my virtues, it still isn't. I just want to buy a suit and get out. I probably had a date. This cute guy comes over to assist us. He says he was going to give me the business. Let me tell you, I think that backfired!
    Neither of us likes bratty behavior, but sassy is lots of fun. It keeps us both on our toes.

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