We are all so different

Everything you read or see is filtered through your life experiences and desires. If you are orientated to a female lead relationship, then many of Elise Sutton’s writings are worth contemplating

“Spanking a man is an art and a skill. You start out light and sensual and you slowly build up to harder and more severe. You don’t start out too hard or it will not be erotic and powerful. The more you do it, the better you will become and the more your husband will be able to take.

Starting out light is not unique to spanking a man, it is desired by a lot of men and women.  I am not at all orientated to FLR. We are jointly led if you need a label. I don’t want a paddling to start out light so I can take more. I want a hot burn, but not so many licks. I have tried the other way. It was boring for me.

We are all so different.

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