Confessing That You Like To Be Spanked

This a very intimate conversation. Unlike first time sex, the first spanking by a new partner is normally preceded by a fairly detailed explanation of what is desired. I always had this conversation with women I was going to spank before we got down to business. I expected that one or more details would not be mentioned and I always tried to deduce what it was and surprise them with it.

I have had far fewer conservations with women who were going to spank me. But, every time I have had one it was quite intimate and very exciting to me. If it was a face-to-face conversation she could tell it was exciting for me.

I think these talks are one of the few times men and women let their guard down and express what they really feel. Perhaps, because we have carried these desires around in our heads all our lives and we were finally fortunate to have someone who understands and will not judge us.

2 thoughts on “Confessing That You Like To Be Spanked”

  1. In my 20's have always had a desire to be spanked, purchased magazines, videos, and of course look for sights like yours.. I met a woman in her 50's, divorced, someone who works where I do. We had common interest and soon was seeing her and going places. She had a nice home, and well our sexual time was really good and learned a lot from her. It was during such a time she asked of my interest and I thought of spankings but did not say, it was when she smile, your thinking of it right now. I finally told her and she hugged me and that night was the best. A few days later she brought up the subject, I told her everything and even showed her the magazines and videos a few days later. It was a week later, Friday after work that she said we needed to talk, and then said I will do all the talking. Your getting a spanking young man, understand, I looked at her and said Yes, she corrected me, Yes Mam. She then said the magazines, videos will not be purchased again. Finally she said I bet you masturbate, I looked down and said yes. Thought so she said with more sternness, and then told me to undress, in the front room and when I stood there naked, a little scared she handed me a towel and said get rid of that erection and I did as told. She cleaned me off, asked how I felt, I said very little, and she smiled and told me across her lap. That first spanking felt good and hurt and she was serious. I stood facing the wall afterwards, and she laid down the law or rules. We have a great relationship, she is the first woman to understand my need to be spanked. They are always over her lap, always bare bottom and always facing the wall. The one part I do not like is that a couple of her best friends have seen me after a spanking and only once did I mouth off about this, I got a spanking then and there and boy did I put on a show. She has told me there will be a day a woman more my age will come along, she will tell her of the spankings. So this is my story, you asked, it is long, sorry. As you can see I still enjoy your sight and do so without her knowledge. Joe

  2. I do enjoy my wife spanking me, and it was I that asked her to spank me the first time and for some time after that I'd ask for spanking. Then she began to understand why I wanted spankings and began to enjoy my being spanked. Today at times I'll still ask for a spanking but more often she will tell me I need spanking.

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