The Keys To The Woodshed

I am really low on post ideas right now. And traveling has my mind elsewhere. So today all I have for you is a link to an older post about trips to our woodshed.

Yes, we have a woodshed. We don’t store wood for burning, only lumber, some wood working tools and two paddles to burn backsides. It’s short walk from the den door to the shed. It’s best done wearing only panties. Stop by anytime we are home for a demo of the tools or paddles.

The shed is doubly locked while we travel. The cute little paddle has Bacall’s real name on it. A friend made these for everyone at a party many years ago.

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8 thoughts on “The Keys To The Woodshed”

  1. When you live out in the country somethings never change, the woodshed for one. Many a trip I've had growing up. It is really the walk to and back that is the punishment. I dated a wonderful woman about five years older, we had a lot in common. I learned shortly after dating her she needed to be in charge, not a problem with me until one day she was giving me the cold shoulder. We need to talk she said, and we need to have the talk in the woodshed. Really I said, at my age, yes she said sternly. I did not let on I wanted a spanking, so we went to the woodshed. What I wanted I got and more than I wanted. When she was done reddening my bare bottom, and I finally stopped dancing around rubbing she told me to undress, I looked at her, I got a couple more spanks with that damn paddle. I was soon naked, she took a firm grip on my arm and spanked my bottom all the way back to the house. I stood in the kitchen, hands on head and she laid out the rules from now on. I could agree or end the relationship. I softly said yes, she smiled and I got dressed. What she did not tell me, that all future spankings would be not only in the woodshed, but I would be taken to the shed naked. Joseph

  2. Question for you, do you find that women enjoy giving a spanking as much as they enjoy getting from your readers? Being a male I wish to get a spanking, have spanked women, but preferred to be spanked. As for why, punishment is the first reason, and just wish a woman to take charge, being over a woman's lap and getting a bare bottom spanking brings relief of stress. Just something I've been wanting to ask. Jack

  3. I have read a lot of these accounts over the years. I wonder how many are true?
    Why did she feel the need to be in charge? Would she have accepted you being in charge?
    That's all strange to us, as we feel no need to control each other.

  4. It just her personality, way she was brought up, hard worker. I was raised in the country also, My Mom was the one who took charge, My Dad was too busy in the fields and around the farm. When I got in trouble it was my Mom who dealt with it. This woman is strong willed, I like to goof off sometimes, she just threaten once a trip to the woodshed would do me wonders. I just laughed at her until she carried through. Have to accept another person to be in charge, not her. She has said most women would enjoy have a husband being the boss, she just said it is not for her. So as for the spankings, deep down it is what I wanted, but not in the matter they are administered, but one must accept it no matter what. Her belief is, if I'm naked I less trouble, others who might see me, most unlikely will have a impact on me, after the spanking where am I going to run if naked.

  5. Never got marched out to a woodshed, they don't exist in the big city. Did get marched out to a barn once on a friends farm. Similar experience I'm sure.
    I think it's the outdoor surrounding that add to the excitement of the paddling. The thought that someone will see or hear what's going on.
    I know that excites me

  6. I grew up in a semi-rural area on seven acres. We didn't have a woodshed. Neither did Bacall. We both got the switch. Her Mom had her bend over the bed. My Mom used it inside or outside. But, we both like a trip to the woodshed. At a party long ago in the mountains of Georgia there was a woodshed behind the house we rented. The shed was busy all weekend.

  7. Being taken to the woodshed by a female, clothed or not, is the ultimate spanking. It is knowing others will hear you and then see you being taken back to the house. Jack

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