How Men Like To Be Spanked

Back in July, I answered the questions on a defunct blog about how men like to be spanked. [You don’t need to, but if you care to go back to that post it’s titled I Tell All.]

I wanted to see if the answers revealed anything that I considered useful. So I tallied up the responses to four of the questions.

15. Do you like to be spanked in role-play, real life situations, or no situation?

18. For true offenses, made-up ones or none?

21. While being spanked do you feel: turned on, enjoyment, satisfaction, pain, other.

22. While being spanked do you: get an erection, remain soft, leak fluid, orgasm.

Here are a few observations made based on the responses of 56 respondents.

22 men were only interested in being spanked for real offenses. 15 of those felt pain only. Most started out soft. All ended up soft.

Another 22 men liked to be spanked only in role play. 7 started and ended erect. 5 started erect and ended soft. 7 started and remained soft. The remaining 3 experienced an orgasm.

Spanking is always sexy to me. If Bacall tells me she is going to spank me my sexual response indicator goes up.

But this survey tells me, that some men only want to be spanked for real life offenses and they experience pain, not sexual excitement. Surprise to me.

Then there are those that only like to be spanked for made up reasons. This group reported it was sexually exciting.

I suspect that in the first group there are those who commit little offenses they know will earn them a spanking. Like going in the kitchen when the wife is cooking and making a smart remark. He knows that his well-trained wife will have him drop his pants so she can paddle him with a handy cooking spoon. He thanks her for punishing him. He knows that they can have make-up sex later. I don’t think this group belongs in the real life or role play category. Is there a bull shit category? How does the wife see it? Role play? She certainly can not believe she is having any effect on his behavior as he keeps doing it again and again.

Personally, I don’t need a reason to spank or be spanked. Bend over works for us. Bacall can go into role play in a heart beat and I do my best to be her foil.

11 thoughts on “How Men Like To Be Spanked”

  1. Everyone of us has desires, does not need to be accepted by others, it is just human nature. My wife accepts mine, and in this household she is in charge and when it comes to spankings, she treats me just like a naughty little boy. I have to call her Mommy, I'm always spanked otk, I always get wall facing time, and get scolded like a child. There is no sex afterwards, the spankings do hurt. A few days later when we are having sex I get really hard thinking of the spankings. She enjoys that very much and when we are laying beside one another afterwards she will remind me I best be a good little boy or Mommy will have to spank, Yes Mommy I say. Jack

  2. Jack, this was not critical of different tastes in spanking, but rather how I finally understand that for some men, like yourself, it is not sexual at the time. We all tend to see things as we are and since spanking is sexual for us, we were quite surprised that more men than not did not see it as sexual.

    1. It is very sexual for me. I cannot understand how it can not be. That’s probably because I am not into submissiveness or being punished. I think that is very unmasculine and not attractive to women.

  3. Jack, this was not critical of different tastes in spanking, but rather how I finally understand that for some men, like yourself, it is not sexual at the time. We all tend to see things as we are and since spanking is sexual for us, we were quite surprised that more men than not did not see it as sexual.

  4. Myself, I just feel a need to be a naughty little boy at times. My wife is really the take charge person, reason I married her. She decided from the first date I needed some direction. The first time she stated I was to be spanked, I just looked, shocked, but when I got off her lap I was a mess and after facing the wall felt better. So a good old fashion otk spanking is good for me. Jack

  5. i'm of the opinion that the ones who see it as sexual are usually giving the spanking and not on the receiving end of one? I'm just speculating here. But it was interesting to read your findings. Thank you.

  6. You are indeed correct when referring to M/F. But, this survey was only about F/M spankings. And for about a third of those men it is not sexual. For us, it is sexual both ways.

  7. I'm (male) a switch and spank only for the sexy fun of it. No punishment spankings, corner time, etc. for either of us. It's always sexual.

    The only time I ever 'punished' her was over a small argument (too petty to mention) that a day later – I WON!! Whoo-Hoo!!! I won. She ADMITTED IT! THAT was the victory and all I was entitled to – bragging rights!

    But she, with a little sigh, surprised me and pulled a paddle from behind her back and said, “Here”. Implying she should be 'punished'.

    What to do, what to do….? A moment like this you just have to cherish.

    I stifled a grin, then surprised her – by taking it! Then I took her hand and led her into the kitchen, had her drop her pants and, totally surprising her, had her get up over the kitchen counter so her feet were off the floor. Once there I pulled her panties down and got into position. Tapped her bottom a couple times, pulled by right arm far back and…..!

    Gave her one – one! – small “tap”. A tap. That was it. Then I whispered something in her ear that made her smile.

    Of course, I took advantage of her while she was in that position. A fun time was had by all.


  8. Of course it is sexual if it wasn’t it wouldn’t happen. It’s the sex that keep the intimacy going. Punishment is in another area and not sex it seems. Is some kind of self hatred operating here? I know that some treat punishment as a kind of game and just an excuse to get spanked, but real punishment? I want to keep well away from that personally and I think it gives spanking a bad name.

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