Garter Belts, More Lingerie

Ronnie posted a clip of Michael Fassbender, who is apparently a heartthrob, buying lingerie. A few of the comments indicated that some women were not familiar with garter belts. Or perhaps they did not know that men liked them. I came of age when hose were being replaced by pantyhose. I like women in hose, so Bacall and I went garter belt shopping many times in our early marriage. She had all the colors. She wore the damnable pantyhose to the office, but would humor me and wear hose on our weekend “dates”. She got paddled every time.

I doubt any of Ronnie’s female readers will see this informational post on what one man likes, but perhaps a few readers will enjoy it.

The traditional black

 But there are many more choices

All that you need to do just before you both go out the door to dinner

4 thoughts on “Garter Belts, More Lingerie”

  1. Enjoyed the views very much. We're not all that old to recall when women wore those items on a regular basis. I still recall when women in porn movies had full bushes.
    My wife still wears these items on occasion, even has a set of leather ones.
    A “full dress outfit” as I would call it must include heels.

  2. Lovely pictures. My preference is black. I think some of ladies who commented used to wear them but not now. Thanks for the mention.

    Michael – good to see you.


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