Retro Lingerie

This sort of lingerie was before my time, but remnants of it remained during my youth.

There was a girl in the seventh grade who wore a bullet bra. I doubt her Mother knew she did. No, I never saw her bra, just the effect it had on her sweater and me.

This was “porn” for me in the 60’s

I saw these type of pictures in male magazines that were popular in the auto repair business and in the first spanking magazine I saw at 19.

I think these pictures “warped” my mind. Yes, they must have as the following picture is one of my favs. She is not particularly good looking. The lingerie is not sexy. The setting is cheap looking. Still, I would love to go a round with her.

She looks better without glasses

5 thoughts on “Retro Lingerie”

  1. Before my time as well, but I get it.

    As far as the girl looking better without glasses is because its a different girl. Is it not? The hair is darker and way curlier in the last pic.


  2. I think a women looks very sexy in stocking, suspenders and a pair of heels. For some, add the glasses and they are in heaven. Lovely pics.


  3. When I was in junior high school several girls wore those bras. We used to call then ” nuclear warheads”. They resembled the nose cones of ballistic missiles

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