You know what happens when I accumulate photos that are not related and I have no other ideas. It potpourri day. Now I am out of both photo’s and ideas.

I don’t know if that aircraft ever has the call sign Air Force 1 or not, but it is a special mission aircraft.

 Vintage for sure. Hotel room. What is the device on the headboard?

Yep, that about covers it

I saw this in a parking lot and it reminded me of announcements on my HS intercom. The dreaded “The following students report to the office” And you knew the paddle awaited you.

I will finish with these two tarts who are begging for a paddling.

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  1. My guess at the thing on the headboard is a light, though I wonder how many people hit their heads on it.

    I must say my favourite is the teacher doling out the spanks while some other guy grins in the background. Her face is priceless too.

  2. I will venture two guesses at the headboard mounted device. Might be a radio, assuming that the black stripe across the front is the tuning band which showed the frequencies. Might be a “Magic Fingers” – although I don't really think so. Magic Fingers were coin operated and I don't see any coin slot. They were mounted on 2 and 3 star motel / hotel beds in the early to mid '60's, popular in the south and mid-west – one deposited a dime and the box proceeded to vibrate the bed for a few minutes – a supposedly relaxing massage – made enough noise to wake the dead.

  3. My best friend Joan and I would tease the boys all the time, even showing more than we should. College was suppose to be fun and so we made it so. One college break we spent at her Mother's beach house, just the two of us, her mother said she might come down later but don't count on it. Well we wore as little as possible on the beach, teased the boys and just enjoyed the time away from school. One morning we decided to skinny dip and ran to the water, it wasn't five minutes when we looked up and it was my friends mother. How fast can you two run to the house she said sternly and we ran quickly. We stood trying to cover ourselves as her mother voiced her displeasure, she had gotten a call or two from some of the neighbors. Needless to say the spankings we got left us both dancing, crying, and promising to be good. She had us put on our skimpy suits and walk the beach, showing our red bottoms. We got several comments, and could not wait to get back to the house. Mary

  4. First photo appears to be from the Clinton administration days. Probably an intern flight attendant waiting for Bill.
    Third photo of that thing on the bed. I believe it was an old portable 8 track player.
    Aisle 15 in the Home Depot. One of my favorites

  5. The first photo seems to be Air Force One which is on display at the Reagan library in California [Never saw that flight attendant when I visited it. ]

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