4 thoughts on “Paddled”

  1. Yeah, me too. My excuse is I am short on ideas and bandwidth.
    Besides, it took years to accumulate all those eyeballs. Most were partially nude, but one was fully clothed and small breasted – definitely not close to porn, but I liked her eyes.
    I have a post almost ready to go that talks about our approach to spanking. But, those posts are never well received.

  2. I love both these photos because those bottoms are delectable to look at, and I wish I was the one getting paddled.
    As for your approach to spanking, bring it on. It's why I visit here in the first place.


  3. I think there is a time for paddling and a time to be paddled. Good to hear you like the OBB style. I wish you would write us. Our address is in our profile. Scroll down and click View My Profile.

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