Rollin Hand

A few years ago, Bacall and I got the chance to meet Rollin Hand near his fictional local of Leforge, Oregon. He was quite the gentleman. I must admit that he did not resemble Martin Landau. We chatted about our personal likes and dislikes about things spanking and also about his more recent stories. The first stories I read of his go back two decades or more. They were of the theme, boy meets girl, boy spanks girl. He was very clear that genre no longer held any allure for him and he wished those stories were not “out there”. I was disappointed as that those were my favorites.

I think we were on the same page in our early adult lives, but he changed and I stayed in the same rut. 

This may represent his view of spanking in his later years. One that I am on the opposite side of.

“Spanking is not about our physical reaction to the punishment but more about our mental reaction.  Spanking is about humiliation, submission, and dominance, about handing control to another human being, not about stiff cocks.”

We have no interest in humiliation, submission or dominance. Sometimes a little role play where Bacall feigns to be submissive. Same on discipline/punishment, just no interest.

This means there are precious few stories that we can enjoy. If I see a F/M story headed for OTK or punishment, I am done with it. Likewise, we have no interest in non-consensual spanking, you know those boarding schools and manors with someone who mets out licks with a cane.

If it’s fun or romantic we are all over it.

I do not mean to take away a thing from his latter stories, they are quite popular. Just not our cup of tea.

Peace to you sir.

Ronnie recently posted a list of spanking people with Twitter accounts. I don’t know any of the newer ones, but I do know three on her list. Not friends, not at all, but we have been in the same room and exchanged conservation. All of the folks on the list make money from spanking. I guess there is no amateur team.

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