The Bathbrush

Everyone has one or more instruments of pain that they fear. For me, it’s the bathbrush. I have never felt one. I plan to keep it that way.

A heavy piece of wood on the end of a stick is not my idea of fun. To each, their own.

He is being nice, choking up on the handle

She is going all out

 Holy scorchers!

Not a bathbrush, but still not my cup of tea

One thought on “The Bathbrush”

  1. Only when I really mess up, my wife will use. She said it is for those special occasions and with a smile. My worst spanking with the brush was stepping out of the shower and feeling it sting my wet bottom. Needless to say I sure put on a dance and facing the wall was longer than I ever had to. Jack

  2. We don't have a bath brush but do have a hair brush and she knows how to use it and gets my attention fast. I don't care for it but that is the point when she wants to punish me.

  3. I had a bath brush but it was “dangerous” as a spanking implement as it didn't have a flat back side so that was never used. I did have a hairbrush that I HATED with a vengeance. I've since given it away to my sister. I don't need a hairbrush anymore – my hair is WAY too short to require one.

  4. I have never had a bath brush used on me before, I would be open to at least trying it.
    Love a good hair brushing though =D

  5. A bathbrush is high on the list of the instruments I would like to try on a young lady (for the right offense of course).


  6. I have a bath brush. Two, in fact. One with a short handle, like a hairbrush and one with a long handle. Both are absolutely divine. The long handled one is also good for lasting marks and bruises.


  7. When my wife uses the bath brush on me I know it will sting more than the other paddles. However she will stop and use the bristles inside my legs and on the bottom. This combination of bristles over my bottom and then a surprise pow of the other side excite me. All and All it is an excellent tool. Just go easy not so hard as a regular paddle. It does pack a punch!

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