Pictures That Excite Me – II

I thought this was a good followup to the last post on how I am so different from the mainstream guy that likes to be spanked. We are all so different.

On the recent post “Pictures That Excite Me”, Rick, presumably referring to this picture, wrote: 

My wife pulls down my pants and underpants, part of the punishment, feel very little. Standing facing the wall afterward, displaying a spanked bottom, hoping no one drops in. 

We are all so different. Rick enjoys a totally different spanking experience than I do. He calls it punishment, while I call it funishment, that is getting my bottom smacked and then a sexual experience. 

He feels “little”, I experience no change in mindset.

He stands in the corner, while Bacall and I “get busy”.

Rick hopes no one drops in. We share this. I would not mind another woman joining us, but not just popping by. She could watch, she could paddle, she could get paddled.

As I said in the original post, I want no part of OTK, but some pictures of it attract me. It’s a mainstream male fantasy to be OTK, rubbing their excited member on stocking clad legs until they spurt. It’s not my fantasy, but it seems popular. I wonder how it will fare now that bare legs are the style?

Great picture! Anyone have any more of them?

5 thoughts on “Pictures That Excite Me – II”

  1. Rick, I need “punishment spankings”, my wife while dating found it helped to keep the stress level down, and my impulse attitude. I find going over my wife lap relaxing and relives the stress, but also my bare bottom is going to be very red, stinging and I will dance around until told to face the wall. I do dread if anyone drops in and see me standing there, have come close, leaving the room to get dress and a friend of my wife drops in soon after. Our sex life is great, our marriage is great, but once I get home from work, this is my wife domain, the home, I would have it no other way. She has stated that old saying the men are just boys in adult bodies, and a wife is also a mother at times, a best friend. So Thank You for expanding on my comment, it is very much appreciated and honored you took the time.

  2. Referring to your “bare legs” comment;
    If you saw some of the women that I've seen on the subways of NYC ; their legs are hairier than mine.
    That wouldn't excite me in the least unless I was into some sort of National Geographic scenario

  3. I'm Rick just do not know how to post using my name, so I just do it under anonymous. I started my response with my name.

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