Rollin Hand

A few years ago, Bacall and I got the chance to meet Rollin Hand near his fictional local of Leforge, Oregon. He was quite the gentleman. I must admit that he did not resemble Martin Landau. We chatted about our personal likes and dislikes about things spanking and also about his more recent stories. The first stories I read of his go back two decades or more. They were of the theme, boy meets girl, boy spanks girl. He was very clear that genre no longer held any allure for him and he wished those stories were not “out there”. I was disappointed as that those were my favorites.

I think we were on the same page in our early adult lives, but he changed and I stayed in the same rut. 

This may represent his view of spanking in his later years. One that I am on the opposite side of.

“Spanking is not about our physical reaction to the punishment but more about our mental reaction.  Spanking is about humiliation, submission, and dominance, about handing control to another human being, not about stiff cocks.”

We have no interest in humiliation, submission or dominance. Sometimes a little role play where Bacall feigns to be submissive. Same on discipline/punishment, just no interest.

This means there are precious few stories that we can enjoy. If I see a F/M story headed for OTK or punishment, I am done with it. Likewise, we have no interest in non-consensual spanking, you know those boarding schools and manors with someone who mets out licks with a cane.

If it’s fun or romantic we are all over it.

I do not mean to take away a thing from his latter stories, they are quite popular. Just not our cup of tea.

Peace to you sir.

Ronnie recently posted a list of spanking people with Twitter accounts. I don’t know any of the newer ones, but I do know three on her list. Not friends, not at all, but we have been in the same room and exchanged conservation. All of the folks on the list make money from spanking. I guess there is no amateur team.

The Bathbrush

Everyone has one or more instruments of pain that they fear. For me, it’s the bathbrush. I have never felt one. I plan to keep it that way.

A heavy piece of wood on the end of a stick is not my idea of fun. To each, their own.

He is being nice, choking up on the handle

She is going all out

 Holy scorchers!

Not a bathbrush, but still not my cup of tea

What Makes A Female Top?

On a website, a guy asserts that a natural female top/switch is created by an event such as a girl witnessing an F/M spanking AND where the girl harbors feelings of resentment against the boy and identifies with the spanker.

This was news to us. Do you think it has any validity?

If not, is there an event you feel makes you inclined to spank men?

Many thanks, always curious.


Pictures That Excite Me – II

I thought this was a good followup to the last post on how I am so different from the mainstream guy that likes to be spanked. We are all so different.

On the recent post “Pictures That Excite Me”, Rick, presumably referring to this picture, wrote: 

My wife pulls down my pants and underpants, part of the punishment, feel very little. Standing facing the wall afterward, displaying a spanked bottom, hoping no one drops in. 

We are all so different. Rick enjoys a totally different spanking experience than I do. He calls it punishment, while I call it funishment, that is getting my bottom smacked and then a sexual experience. 

He feels “little”, I experience no change in mindset.

He stands in the corner, while Bacall and I “get busy”.

Rick hopes no one drops in. We share this. I would not mind another woman joining us, but not just popping by. She could watch, she could paddle, she could get paddled.

As I said in the original post, I want no part of OTK, but some pictures of it attract me. It’s a mainstream male fantasy to be OTK, rubbing their excited member on stocking clad legs until they spurt. It’s not my fantasy, but it seems popular. I wonder how it will fare now that bare legs are the style?

Great picture! Anyone have any more of them?

I Tell All

I stumbled on this old blog and it made me realize how unique I am in how I enjoy spanking. These are my answers to the questions.

1. What age were you when you got your first adult bare-bottom spanking? 

2. Was it administered by an acquaintance, friend, girlfriend, wife or professional?

3. Was it for punishment, fun or foreplay?
Fun, foreplay

4. Was it inside of an existing committed relationship or outside of it? 

5. Does your significant other know that you desire to receive spankings at all?
Yes, since we started dating

6. If so, what was her response to it? 
Obliging, becoming fun for her

9. Would you say your desire to be spanked has grown or lessened over the years?
Remained the same

10. How often are you spanked as an adult now – approximately? 
About weekly, sometimes more often, sometimes as long as two weeks.

12. Are you ashamed or accepting of this desire?
I was a little ashamed until I was 40, now accepting

13. Choose as many as you like from the following. I prefer to be spanked with: hand, brush, slipper, paddle, belt, cane, ruler, ferule, flogger, other
Paddle only

14. What added attractions do you desire with your spankings: mouth-washing, corner time, panty play, forced feminization, temperature taking, prostate massage, strap-on, fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming, intercourse, none, OTHER 
None of those, unless panty play means wearing panties

15. Do you like to be spanked in role-play, real life situations, or no situation?
Role play is good once in awhile. But, bend over is all I really need.

16. If you like role-play do you like your spanker to be; mommy, aunt, grandmother, teacher, boss, neighbor, friend’s mother, therapist, girlfriend, wife, NONE, OTHER 
Aunt, teacher, boss, wife, neighbor, GF, all good.

17. What age do you like to play when being spanked: child, teen, adult?

18. For true offenses, made-up ones or NONE?
Don’t need a reason.

19. What stage do you like to be spanked to: pink, red, to tears?
Red, with a white center

20. How do you feel about marks? (no thanks, okay if it happens, yes please)
I don’t mark, but they would be OK.

21. While being spanked do you feel: turned on, enjoyment, satisfaction, pain, other
Turned on

22. While being spanked do you: get an erection, remain soft, leak fluid, orgasm, OTHER 
Erect, from start to finish

23. What kind of spanker’s dress do you prefer (prim, matronly, conservative, everyday casual, provocative, overtly sexual, leather n’ stuff.)
Conservative, or lingerie

24. Have you been spanked in front of others? 
Would you be willing to be?
If yes, strangers or people you know?
People I feel comfortable with

25. Are you excited by the risk of being found out or do you like to keep this totally private? (Risk or private or both)
I am not excited or overly private about it

26. Have you ever been outed? 

27. What positions to be spanked in appeal to you the most? 
Bent over elbows on bed, hands on wall, kneeling with nose to the floor, bed, couch.

28. Have you ever been spanked to tears? 
No and have no desire to do so

It was the answers to question #22 that stood out to me. Most of the men said they were soft during the spanking, even if they were hard before. I stay rigid, only because I demand a few seconds between paddle pops to “process” the sting. If the pops came fast and furious like an OTK punishment session I would get soft quick. I know because Bacall likes to paddle fast and furious once on awhile, just because it amuses her. After six or so pops, I start to wilt. I like the sting, but I like the sexual stimulation. I want both.

Our paddling sessions are usually what Bacall call Joint Action Sessions where we both get the paddle. Other times, it’s all about her or all about me. She decides. I like them all.

When it’s all about me, about half-way through a there is a very short break. It allows for some groping and deep tongue kisses. She will “accidentally” brush my hard length with the back of her hand and give me a few full hand strokes. The idea is to tease me from hard to a blue veined monster. Then it’s back over for more licks delivered with gusto. Paddling over, she will fall on the bed on her back with a pillow under her and pull her heels to her bottom. 

When we do it this way, it’s all for me, and I go for it. It never takes long for me to tense for a few seconds and then become limp all over.

I never tire of it.

Tomorrow is the Fourth. Eating and social for some. A time of reflection and thanks for others.