The Girl I Did Not Spank

Readership up, comments down. A mystery to me.

I wanted to spank her. But, that was not her thing. I would chase her around her apartment and get in a few licks while she laughed and giggled.

Her kink was faux rape. We would end dates at her place. The way it was played was that after awhile she would retire to her room leaving me to sleep on the couch. After she closed her bedroom door, I was to wait five minutes then sneak into her room. I guess she used the five minutes to paddle her pink canoe. Before going further I should explain that she could lubricate a machine shop. 

She wore a sheer negligee that ended at her waist and equally sheer panties. My mission was to lift the covers, slip next to her and tell her I was going to have my way with her and there was nothing she could do to stop me. She would fight a little and wind up on her back with her knees bent. I would mount her and thrust myself into her with her panties still on. That was her thing, to be taken wearing her panties. The panties were well soaked and actually felt pretty good. She also liked to have her nipples bitten and much harder than I could imagine anyone enjoying. It did not take her very long to come. Afterward, she would move the gusset aside so I could completely enter her. 

Bacall also enjoys being taken. Bound to a tree, being blindfolded and handcuffed, etc. She imagines I am a pirate and she is a Persian slave princess. These things have been blogged about in the past.

As sordid as rape is, it amazes that so many women fantasize about faux rape.


2 thoughts on “The Girl I Did Not Spank”

  1. Rough sex?… No problem.

    Consensual spanking?… Well that's just weird, right?

    Who gets to decide on which side of socially acceptable each of these belong?


  2. Once was with a woman who fantasy was to be tied up, both hands overhead, her clothing torn off and her bare body whipped.
    Spanking was not enough for her. She wanted after the whipping to be raped as well.
    Wasn't exactly my thing to whip but I did indulge.
    Turned a fantasy into a reality

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