Spanking/Sex On The First Date

The headline should attract some attention. I don’t advocate sex on the first date. I am not condemning it either or saying that I did not do it or want to do it more than once. But, looking back I think building the passion is worthwhile. Besides a one time a passion or mercy fuck is not always that pleasant a memory. One or both may regret it if one is more attached than the other. I have a fond remembrance of the time when the heart might be taken as seriously as an orgasm – of a time when both enjoyed the possibilities of moonlit summer evenings.

I happily recall the times I spanked my dates as a teen. The result was a half nude girl with a pink bottom who was quite passionate. I also recall the first time I spanked a gal as an adult. [Other than Bacall] I had her raise her skirt to her waist while I was seated on the spanking chair. I then pulled her panties down. This is normal for a spanking, but it would not work on a vanilla date. I don’t think asking a woman to just pull up her skirt on the first date would work out all that well. Do you?

So I am wondering how dating between switches works. I am talking of those like Bacall and I who have spanking and sex-linked together. I will assume that many emails and phone chats precede the meeting and probably a meeting just to look each other over. Perhaps they worked out how they would handle the sexual tension. Deny it, accommodate it without intercourse or play it by ear.

A woman’s sexual excitement is concealed. With a man, her arm swinging a paddle would not be the only thing waving around. I once suppressed my excitement with women not wanting to seem to be demanding. I would not do that now. I learned that suppression spoiled the paddling. If sex is not on the table, the women would just have to take my boner as a fact of the way it is or a compliment.

I am most curious how women approach first spanking encounters. 
When the woman is a bottom, I would think that situation would be the easiest to handle. It would be the first date, but she would be partially nude. Not a big thing in my mind.

If she is a top, he is going to be partially nude with a boner. 

If they are switches, they will both be devoid of clothing. How is this handled?

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5 thoughts on “Spanking/Sex On The First Date”

  1. Playing cards on a first date, her idea. Well she got mad, she was losing and threw the cards at me and stormed off. She came back and said she was sorry, and I pulled her across my lap, gave her a few spanks, no sex. A week later, of all things, she did something similar and looking at her I said you want another spanking, she smiled, this time I bared her bottom and when I finished she gave me that girlie pont, rub her bottom, and then noticed I was hard, lets not waste it she said, and we did not. Mario

  2. If your asking age, 23. Spanking was not an interest, I thought, but after the first quick spanking, the second I applied longer. I was very erect, very hard, and when I showed it, she lit up and so we had sex. Teen years for me was not doing this with girls, just decided to explore at an older age.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Spanking was not my interest either in my early teen years, but they happened. I was 19 before spanking and sex were forever linked for me.

  4. Her 24, me 29 at my pad after a date, asked what she like sexually, said she didn't know as she never had. I asked her if she wanted to find out We had along series of dates where we played strip poker with a five minute penalty after we were bare. about the fifth date I slowly got her spank me and I then spanked her. she really liked both ways. Too bad she got a job offer in Calafornia she couldn't refuse. I still think about her sometimes, 40 years later.

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