Return To Bend Over Rock

Bacall writes:

I don’t know the reason, but going to certain settings gets me all tingly. We have been in two of those settings recently. The first was a private setting surrounded by red rocks. [The Valley Of Fire in Nevada] Bogey got the paddle out and I was excited before I ever got out the door.  I happily followed him into the rocks so that I could get the paddling that I had been looking forward to. No need to pretend that I didn’t want this because I really did. With every pop of the paddle, I became more aroused. Thank goodness no one was around us.

The second setting, the Alabama Hills, is one of our favorite places. The scenery is spectacular and it is very private.  A person could play to their heart’s content outside and no one would know.  We were both excited about being here. Bogey was especially ready for his paddling.  We started with a few pops on each after morning coffee. After breakfast, we proceeded to “Bend Over Rock” for a joint paddling session. I wanted Bogey to remember the paddling for a while, so I did not hold back.  When it was my turn, I bent over the rock and smiled between the saying “ouch” and “oooh”. After our return from the rock, we were both sated.

Bogey writes:
I put a blanket on Bend Over Rock to protect our skin from the sharp rock face. I took a photograph. We were as randy as teenagers and did not take time for any photo’s during the paddlings. A day or two later Bacall posed for a picture on the rock.

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  1. “With every pop of the paddle I became more aroused”. Sounds like my kind of spanking!


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