Another Week Has Gone By

We are in New Mexico star gazing this week. Hope you had a great week.

Trump continues to reverse the stifling rules and regulations imposed by that last guy. Way to go!

Some Bad News

Think again if you don’t think this concerns you. One of Obama’s legacies is a 
debt bomb that has short fuse. Interest rates will be going up and all the debt that Obama took on is going to start really hurting the budget. The Treasury is particularly exposed to higher rates because its debt matures so quickly; half of its marketable securities must be refinanced within the next three years.

On Being Green

A green electric car isn’t as green as we’d like it to be – whether it’s the emissions used to create the car or the coal-produced electricity we’re adding into it – the ‘green’ measures can get a little murky.

“For example, a petrol-driven vehicle produces 119g CO2-e/km, of which most are on-road emissions. In comparison, an electric vehicle produces zero on-road emissions.”

“However, if electricity is generated from coal to charge an electric vehicle it produces 139g CO2-e/km well-to-wheel emissions, compared with only 9g CO2-e/km well-to-wheel emissions with electricity from renewable energy sources.” 

Warping The Meaning Of Words

There are also lots of Orwellian nouns and adjectives to describe those from other countries who broke federal immigration laws to enter and reside in the United States. “Illegal alien” used to be a neutral and descriptive legal term — one still preferred by the Supreme Court — but is now seen as counterproductive to the agendas of the open-borders movement. Thus the more inexact “undocumented alien” followed, although few who entered illegally ever had immigration “documents” of any sort. 

Next came the term “undocumented immigrant” — on the theory that the ancient word “alien” (from the Latin word alienus, meaning “belonging to another”) is offensive and also unhelpful to the open-borders project. 

Finally, the ambiguous word “migrant” is being used to suggest that there is really no difference between entering and exiting a country under any circumstances. 

How Do People Form Opinions?

From an interview with cognitive scientist Steven Sloman.
I really do believe that our attitudes are shaped much more by our social groups than they are by facts on the ground. We are not great reasoners. Most people don’t like to think at all or like to think as little as possible. And by most, I mean roughly 70 percent of the population. Even the rest seem to devote a lot of their resources to justifying beliefs that they want to hold, as opposed to forming credible beliefs based only on fact.

How Does One Become A Liberal?

A few ways come to mind
Their parents were liberal and they bought into it.
Their parents were conservative and they rebelled.
Four years at most any college.
Working for the government
Working in a Union job
Seeking to enforce order in a chaotic world

Why We Join Cults

Not just James Jones style of cults, but churches, and dare I say political groups.

My number one guess would be Finding Purpose in Life.
Year after year, the world becomes more a complex place to live. In times of confusion and uncertainty when people feel lost, extreme groups offer absolute answers to questions that people have. Many people find comfort in seeing the world in terms of good and evil, right and wrong. Cult leaders offer simple solutions in a way that makes sense, and they know how to motivate people to devote their life to the leader’s cause.

Other reasons for being drawn to a cult:
Post-Breakup Blues
Striving for Perfection
Low Self-Esteem
They Want Someone to Take Care of Them
Trying to Save the World
Fed Up with Society

They Have No Idea It’s a Cult

7 thoughts on “Another Week Has Gone By”

  1. Love New Mexico, one of my most favorite places in the USA.

    Have to disagree with you on your view of how people become liberals.
    I did attend college
    I worked for a government agency
    I belonged to a union for over 40 years
    And I would like to see this world come to order
    Yet, color me red.
    Maybe I'm the exception to the norm but I can tell you I know many with similar credentials and they all swing to the right as well.

    I would define a liberal as someone who can't seem to think for themself and is a follower more than a leader. Someone who has a lack of reasoning skills or is just too lazy to reason.
    Someone who can't find their own ass with their own two hands and a roadmap.

  2. Good catch. I was thinking of the culture of many colleges in recent years. Not, when we attended.
    I wish I could recall with some specificity the survey on political attitudes held by government employees and union members. A liberal viewpoint was in preponderance for those with those backgrounds. I have NOT worked in either, but I think, repeat think, it may be because of a lack of accountability for performance.

  3. Hope you're having a wonderful time in New Mexico.

    Love this post! Also agree with Hands63…except for the last point, as I am geographically and directionally challenged…the joke among my family and friends is that I can get lost going around the block. 🙂

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

  4. You may be geographically and directionally challenged. Many people are. But, I don't doubt you can find your backside. Hope someone else finds it also. Grin.

  5. True. Back when we went to college you actually learned something, you paid for your tuition, (unless you were intellectually gifted and obtained a scholarship) , you took legitimate classes, not like now (Kanye against the world) I kid you not. Then you went off into the real world to try to be a productive part of society or you wound up in the military as many of us did.

    As for the unions, again true that for the longest time they were liberal in nature, but I can tell you that has changed. Many union members, especially in the trades are fed up with the democrats only making an appearance when it's election time, they are fed up with the lack of new jobs and especially fed up with the influx of third world crap that has invaded the unions due to liberal regulations. Its one thing to hire the minorities but another to hire the unskilled just because they are minorities. Many, many voted republican this time despite the union endorsement of the Hilderbeast.

  6. Projection much?

    This is pretty much every conservative trumpster in the USA at the moment:

    “I would define a liberal as someone who can't seem to think for themself and is a follower more than a leader. Someone who has a lack of reasoning skills or is just too lazy to reason.
    Someone who can't find their own ass with their own two hands and a roadmap. “

    But replace “lazy” with “stupid”.

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