Regular readers know that Bacall and I both like wooden paddles. I have always fixated on them. She moved from leather to wood a decade or so back. The ones I prefer are meaner than her favorites, but we share a few paddles.

Today’s post is about nothing more than paddles.

This one is from Devlion Oneill’s Blog. It looks like a lake in Glacier NP to me. She looks like perfection in a carbon based life form. I learned that Teeny’s (logo on the paddle) is brand of swim wear.

A man in Texas likes to have lasses to his home to taste his paddles. Seems he has plenty of takers.

Here is a classic Assume The Position pose. Only for the limber.

I have heard paddles called lot of things, but this is a new one to me.

10 thoughts on “Paddles”

  1. We have some different spanking implements, but I prefer the thick wooden paddle, actually called paddle board or something like that at Sur La Table for $20. It provides a good solid sting when my wife uses it. She is getting better all the time and my bottom loves her for it.

  2. LOL That classic 'assume the position' would have me falling over on my face! Guess I haven't shared my poem with you:
    Wood is no good,
    Leather is better,
    Feathers are best!
    And lexan is not allowed!!! 😀

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

  3. Cat, I have no idea if spanking is pleasurable for you or not. For us, it is. For us, lighter wood paddles are desired. We are all so different in spanking. Anywho, you have given me the idea to post about paddles, again. I will not influence anyone, but I will get to write about one of my fav topics.

  4. We've always preferred wood over leather. Very basic and besides I enjoyed making them. Like the lighter to medium weight ones better than a heavy one. The noise made by a lighter paddle has always been part of the turn on. One can also put a bit more force behind it and not do a whole lot of damage.
    Yes , paddles are the perfect spanking implement
    Lovely bottom on that surfer gal by the way.

  5. I think we both like the same thing here. Bacall, especially, always remarks when the paddle makes an especially loud crack. It does not matter to her whose bottom the sound is made on.

  6. “Stephanie” I will continue to delete your comments as they are off-topic, likely a fantasy and I really doubt you are female. If you choose to continue I will have to change to moderating comments.

  7. Sorry, yes male, looking for a woman to spank me, met no offence, the need is strong and so I find this an outlet until I meet such a woman. Yes I masturbate to what you write, at least I'm not hurting anyone, it is such a desire, so once again Sorry, I met no harm or disrespect.

  8. “Paddles are the perfect spanking implement.” Agreed! Interesting, wood vs leather….I have never been spanked with a paddle made purely of leather.

    Oddly enough, we have (and use frequently) a paddle which started life as one of those silly kid's toys with a small ball on a rubber band. The ball and band have been missing for years, however, some years ago I covered one side of the light wooden paddle with a piece of heavy leather and trimmed it to the same outline as the wood. I maintain that the leather covered side has less sting than the wood side, at least it seems that way when my wife is applying it repeatedly to my bare fanny.

    All of our spankings are fully consensual foreplay, but I do enjoy and desire the sting of a good spanking (she fully understands this!). Sometimes she will begin with her open hand, move to the leather side of the paddle, then to the wooden side and sometimes, if we are both in the mood, switch to a home-made,longer, heavier oak paddle which really stings – I never last very long under the oak paddle – she understands my non-verbal “safe word” – when I start to clench my bottom cheeks, it is near time to stop and get on with other activities! Our oak paddle is perhaps half the length and thickness of “Mr. Feel Good” pictured above.

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