Weekend Rambling


The media and politicians have called President Trump’s followers: “deplorables, irredeemables, Hilterites, Stalinists, KKK, scumbags, unbalanced, Islamophobes, racists, sexists, rioters, raging bigots, terrorists, flat-earthers, liars, crazies”. Chris Matthews called Trump supporters “dogs”.

Many want Trump impeached. For what? Making them foam at the mouth? Others want him killed. Odd, I don’t recall calls for the assassination of Obama.

It was the librarians-in-pussy-hats that made the women’s march after Trump’s inauguration so adorable.

Setting aside the govern from the street corner crowd, Conservatives sometimes seem more bothered by Trump’s raw uncouthness in service to a conservative agenda than they were by Obama’s sautéed orneriness in advancing progressive hope and change. Years of the Cairo Speech, the apology tours, the Iran deal, the Iraq pullout, Obamacare, record debt and low growth — editorialized by chronic attacks on Fox News, along with “you didn’t build that,” “punish our enemies,” and “I won” putdowns from Obama — never prompted calls for the 25th Amendment like those in some anti-Trump groups.

I think many of the left are well-meaning, but let emotion erode logic. Perhaps they should strive for clarity of thought in lieu of unfocused passion.

The Rule Of Law and Immigration
Federal law states that the president can by proclamation “suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.” Yet federal judges have ruled, twice, that President Trump cannot do what the law allows.

 Some 500 “sanctuary” cities and counties have decided for political reasons that federal immigration law does not fully apply within their jurisdictions. They have done so with impunity, believing that illegal immigration is a winning political issue given changing demography. In a way, they have already legally seceded from the union/

The law states that foreign nationals cannot enter and permanently reside in the United States without going through a checkpoint and in most cases obtaining a legal visa or green card. But immigration law has been all but ignored. Or it was redefined as not committing additional crimes while otherwise violating immigration law. Then the law was effectively watered down further to allow entering and residing illegally if not committing “serious” crimes. Now, the adjective “serious” is being redefined as something that does not lead to too many deportations.

The logical end is no immigration law at all — and open borders.

Another Effect of Illegal Immigration Another incident of radical Islam in the UK this week. This will continue. It’s becoming more commonplace every year. Western countries opened their doors years ago to Muslims. Now we can see the results of allowing in those who seek to destroy us. 

12 thoughts on “Weekend Rambling”

  1. You do not recall the many death threats aimed at President Obama, “Bogey”. Well that is either a selective memory issue or a possible medical issue that should be looked at.

    Well I must say that you are consistent. With each post of these you have been wrong with each topic you comment on. But that is your choice. Fortunately there is this wonderful thing known as the Internet, the thing that Conservatives wish to control for their personal benefit, where one can look up information rather than rely on your observations.

    Case in point. This is from the image section of Yahoo. Searching under Obama Protest yielded some very contradictory results to your statement regarding no calls for an assassination of President Obama. Have a look and feel free to explain away this if you can.


  2. Yes let's look up all those facts on the internet, the one place to go for absolute, 100% truthful information. No fake news there, no sir.
    I could be wrong, I sometimes do that, but I don't recall one person of “celebrity” status getting up on their soapbox, commanding main stream media coverage, openly claiming they wanted to asasinate legendary former president Barack H. Obama. Didn't hear Madona, didn't hear Ashley Judd, didn't hear that disgusting fat pig and insult to the gay movement Rosie O'Donnel, not even the latest sub celebrity Adam Pally. Sure there were threats made by unknowns , every president has had their share of threats but they amount to publicity seekers at best.
    BTW , if you really believe conservatives control the internet, you truly are living in a fantasy world.

  3. I will have to make some time to verify this, but I do recall that Ted Nugent had some rather interesting suggestions in regards to President Obama. And, if you do take a look at those photos, you can clearly a host of other similar suggestions​ by some of the citizens of this country.

    Now it is ironic that you mentioned conservative control of the Net. At present time, no, they do not have the type of control they wish. But they are still plugging away at that and have been since before Obama's tenor.

    The Net is not the absolute source for information. Bogey's source material for his previous commentary about Islam is a shining example of that. And I have seen my share of fake news via broadcast media and the Net.

    Yet with time, research and rational thinking, you can find the answers. Just do have an issue if those answers do not turn out the way you want them.

  4. I never have an issue with the truth, provided it is the truth and not a biased interpretation.
    I have issues with people who when presented the truth, still refuse to accept it. Its the closed minded ignorance that is destroying this country.
    I lay much of the blame on social media and again I point to celebrities who feel they are the chosen ones and only what they preach is gospel. Along with them are the hoards of mindless sheep who follow believing that these same celebrities are gods.
    I do disagree with you on just who controls the media, it has been the arm of the left for quite some time. Conservative control will never happen so long as the liberal left has control if the net.
    Look at what's happening on you tube now. Conservative video bloggers are being shut down , their sites being made “restrictive ” , their videos removed and why, simply because their views are not those of the media controlling left.

    We have a long road ahead and until we all reach a common ground it's going to be a bumpy one full of potholes.

  5. Thank you for sharing a well thought out post. What is so sad to me is that the idiots in Congress and the morons running city governments are playing political games rather than doing what is in the best interest of US citizens. It looks as if most, if not all their games, are posturing for the main stream media and snowflakes.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

  6. Exactly, there is more resistance than cooperation from local governments, especially the left. I point to NYC mayor DiBlazio as the leader of the morons.

  7. In my lifetime I've never seen such rage directed at any one individual as the absolute frothing-at-the-mouth hair-on-fire rage at Trump coming from the left. It is truly astonishing. Yes, many were angry with Obama, and criticized him unmercifully but those were over policy differences, the usual progressive vs. conservative issues. With Trump it's gone to a whole different level. Can you put it down to policy differences? Trump seems to be implementing the positions conservatives have espoused for years, but this should come as no surprise to the left and if you look at the fine print they are typical Washington stuff. In reality he's mildly right of center and in some ways mildly progressive. Just look at what was proposed in “Ryancare.” No, I think it's Trump personally, especially his campaign rhetoric. People hate the guy for what he said back then, not for what he is doing. TRue, he was at times uncouth, crude, brash, braggadocios, and downright rude. Okay. But don't you usually put that down to “this guy's an asshole in my book” and move on to policy? Why the vitriol? Let me ask it this way — if Mitt Romney were president and was sponsoring the same legislation and issuing the same executive orders, would we be seeing the same level of hate?

  8. I would like to make the tenuous argument that the rage being expressed is against those who elected him, even though the name calling started way before the election. I am thinking were are now divided about 50/50 and there is no escape. I would love to hear Mr. Hanson compare and contrast the parallels between what we have here today with the Spartans and Athenians. I see some commonalities, but I am no expert. How long can we continue without some accommodation? Where does this end?

    Our best to you in all your endeavors sir.

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