Several images have accumulated that have no commonality. So it’s time for a potpourri post.

Only recently I leaned that women wearing belts turn on some men.

Spanking with a foam slipper? Why bother?

Here is what I think is a photo-shopped picture. I might have paid more attention in school if the teacher’s had opened their blouses.

And, Mom, I am sure your son appreciates you paddling him for having F/m pictures. Yeah, that sure would be punishment.

Looks like I missed out growing up in a rural area. This sort of door-to-door sales would have been welcome.

Why post this picture of Laura Ramsey from Mad Men? Just liked it.

Did this happen in your home?

4 thoughts on “Potpourri”

  1. Spankings and being female, only males could wish they could have the fun that we have. I enjoy being spanked, males have given me spankings, but when I got spanked by a older woman, I never wanting a male to spank me again. I enjoyed the company of a older woman, and they enjoyed me, so much younger and care free. I would be a naughty little girl sometimes and the spankings are wonderful. A truly mother/daughter spankings that are truly the best. I sometimes get the urge to act up away from home, she knows what I'm doing and have been taken to the restroom at resturants and know that I'm heard, the walk back to the table is so great. I've stood naked facing the wall many times when one of her friends or mine drop in. I'm all girl, enjoying being, never have to grow up, my wonderful “Mommy” knows what to do. Spankings, bath, jammies all day, men will never get this enjoyment from a spanking.

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