Paddled In School

We are spending a few weeks in Florida before we head west for the year. As much as we pay for an on-ramp while traveling, posts should go on as usual.

Many of us have a fascination with school paddling’s. It make no difference if we were paddled in school or not. 

Here is pro one that is rather realistic. You might go in brave, but after a few licks, the paddle won.

4 thoughts on “Paddled In School”

  1. That does look like it hurts!
    I was never paddled in school but I did get spanked OTK by a teacher quite well once. Never forgot it.

  2. Depends on how…amorous I am as to how hard I can take it. Also how long between spankings. If it's been a while I'm usually up for quite a beating. Like last Saturday.

    Have fun kids!


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