Men Getting The Wood

After we both had a good time the other morning with Bacall toasting my backside, I thought I would share some pictures with you.

It’s strange, but I like it, If only they could afford a real bed.

What a windup. That’s going to burn.

I have always had a thing for women who don’t need a panty girdle wearing one. He may have one on also? 

How I like it and how Bacall gives it

This works even better with one paddling and another stroking

For those who like maternal

7 thoughts on “Men Getting The Wood”

  1. My wife has the maternal look, the stern voice, the look in her eyes. The worse spankings are when I step out of the shower, she holding the hairbrush and soon, naked, dripping water, always to the kitchen, and after dancing around, facing the wall. A few times for some reason I need to go and she insures I don't miss the target and paddles my bottom back to the kitchen.

  2. Where she holds your penis #6) as she spanks you – my favorite!! I love it. Big fantasy. I wish women would do it more often, just for the damn good fun of it!

  3. It's wonderful to me. I get a boner right from the start and keep it. Bacall usually paddles awhile, then strokes awhile and gets me real hot. Then stops and tells me to bend back over. It's even better with one paddling and the other stroking.

  4. I, like you Bogey, am hard from the start of a spanking all the way through. I love my wooden implements. Just texting about an upcoming spanking this Saturday night was enough to get me excited. I'm pretty much tirned on by all the above pics. The harder the better I say.

    Happy Spankings


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