A Real Good Paddling

Over the last week, I have been telling Bacall that I needed to give her a real good paddling. This is quite different from what she calls a real good paddling. She understood that what I had in mind would leave a long lasting sting and she would be presenting her bottom to me for my pleasure. That’s about as submissive as she able to get. It took her several days to get her mind wrapped around that. Yesterday morning she told me it would be a good day for it. 

I paddled her pink panties for a long time with her favorite paddle harder than she normally likes. I also used my hand some. I had her kicking her legs more than once. But she took her paddling quite well. I finished her off with our red paddle on her bare bottom. The licks were quick and moderately hard. She was warmed up, so she again took them well.

She told me several times in the next several hours that her bottom was still stinging. I think she makes these reports because she is a little proud that she was able to get submissive enough take the licks, but more importably to make me feel that I did a good job.

I know I felt better. Every so often I just need to give what I call a real good paddling.

How did you get started in adult spankings?

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A reader suggested this topic and I think it would be of interest to many. So please post back a short story on how you got started with adult spanking?

For instance, if you are married when did you tell your mate of your passion? 

Let’s be interactive today!


Time to post the accumulated WFT pictures.

Why are 10% of spanking pictures are taken with a computer in the background? Thankful computers are no longer this size.

Another 15% of spanking pictures are taken in the kitchen. Why is this room so popular?

But fully 25% are taken in hotel/motel rooms

A foam slipper is so not going to hurt. You Brits. From foam slippers to canes. Quite a range.

What the hell is she aiming at? His shoulders?

Seem humans can perv on any object, even Wellies.

Things That Make Your Bottom Burn

Guess there is no such thing as having too many toys

Perhaps you are supposed to match the paddle color to the bikini color?

 Yes, pearls! Oh, yeah, nice paddle. Smile sweetie

An attractive paddle, but she does not look very friendly to me. I like smiles.

I was watching my grand daughter swing a tennis racket for the first time on xbox. Yep, she swung it like a girl Just like this gal is doing. Another kitchen paddling.

Spankette and Disciplinet

Well, here we are in another year. You would think I would make the first post of the year special. Sorry to disappoint. Just two mildly humorous items.

I looked for the official definition of Spankette and found this:

a. A flirtatious female who teases as if enticing someone to dare spank her.
b. A female (usually one who enjoys being spanked) whose buttocks are smaller, tighter, firmer than an average adult-shaped bottom.
c. A girl, or boy (probably gay), who likes being spanked, and either acts like, or whose slim shape resembles that of a young girl.
a. That girl’s nothin’ but a spankette – look at how she’s behaving, what a naughty tease – somone should take her over their knee… and man, am I tempted.
b. Sure, she’s kinda on the skinny side, but she’s a pure spankette – man, what a cute, naughty little butt.
c. That little spankette’s about to get a well deserved you-know-what.
Fine, but this also popped up in the search:
It notes that The mid-sized paddle is a fabulous all-around tool for most stirring needs. Some one there is a spanko.

I find the -ette suffix on the T to be incongruent. You think?

And she keeps a messy house.