Women Spanking Men

There is a scene in the ancient TV series, Hill Street Blues, where, for reasons not disclosed, there is a cow in an apartment building. The police try to led the cow down the stairs. One of the occupants explains to the cops that cows know how to go up. But, “cows ain’t got no down gene”. That’s where I have come to about women spanking men. Women may have the gene that makes spanking desirous for them, but few have the gene that makes them lust to spank a man. Many will spank, but lust is not the motivator.

Not that many women spank men. Even fewer will admit to it. And it’s rare when one is open about it. That’s life in 2017. 

Men write stories about spanking women. Men write stories about wanting to be spanked by women. Women write stories about how they want to be spanked by men or another women. Women do not write about spanking men.  

On spanking forum sites there is always playful banter about guys spanking girls. But, I have never seen the opposite.   

I have been pondering this for years. I have asked many women for their thoughts on it. They don’t have much to say about it. A word, a sentence, nothing more. I have come to this, women care as much about spanking men as they do about adding a turbo charger to their car. They don’t have the spanking gene that men do.

Most of those that spank do it because the man wants it. A few do it playfully in reciprocity or as pay back. But, women just do not fantasize about spanking men.

Prove me wrong. If you are a woman, do you look forward to giving a spanking? Do you think of interesting ways to do it? Do you make it a surprise or do you follow his guidance or what? 

I am so blessed to be with Bacall. 

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  1. I certainly have that obviously rare gene! 🙂 I fantasize about spanking men, not (only) for their pleasure, but for mine. And I talk openly about it, as you know from Ludwig's and my blog. I know quite a few women who really enjoy spanking men, but I agree with you that there seem to be more women who like being spanked by a man than those who enjoy it the other way round (or, like me, at least equally enjoy both ways).

  2. Thanks for ringing in on this. I have written on the subject from several angles and have garnered little feedback.

    When you next post about spanking your husband, try to put aside for a moment your natural instincts and show your passion, pleasure.

    What I would enjoy reading is something from the women you know who enjoy spanking men, a much neglected topic. Men have too long their viewpoint, needs on this. About time for women to speak out.

  3. The evidence is against the existence of a “spanking gene” despite the fact that probably a clear majority of spankos believe in its existence. I have tried to answer the question posed here as well as others related to adult spanking psychology in a series of articles I wrote a few years ago. The particular problem of female tops and switches is addressed in Part 5 in case anyone is interested. But be warned, this is pretty difficult material, intended for those who are serious about studying the matter, and not light, fun stuff.

  4. While it was a serious post, I did mean spanking gene in a literal sense.
    Your entire article is worth reading. I think I have encountered it before.

    I have real doubts about this. While I enjoy being paddled by a women, I am in no way submissive and don't think I suffered severe psychological damage from being paddled by women as a kid.

    …male Subs and Switches result from the severe psychological damage that can be done when a young boy is spanked by a grown woman; it would be healthier (although not of course actually healthy) for the boy to spank the woman, for this at least would set the boy on the path to male sexual dominance. (And if that last observation makes anyone uncomfortable, take it as a sign that you shouldn't be spanking children, especially boys). The greatest damage from a F/M TE results more from the submissive position in which the boy is placed and not so much from the spanking itself. In other words, M/F spanking is much closer to normal behavior than F/M is.

  5. You make a very good point about a difference in motivation. For my wife, the motivation is how good this has been for our relationship and our marriage. No more arguments or disagreements. There is a quick way to deal with undesired behavior and comments. I don't think it makes her hot, but she certainly smiles about it!

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