Strange Men

I have had my eyes opened by reading femdom blogs over the last few years. A few/some/many men want more than to be spanked by a women. They want things that would have never occurred to me.

Some men:
Give up vaginal intercourse to honor the woman
Want ruined orgasms
Want to wear a cock cage
Get off on having their dick whipped
Think a rough hand job from a woman wearing yellow plastic gloves is a thrill
Want the woman to continue a hand job after orgasm
All of the above

Not my matra, but some like it

This seems about opposite to the way we employ spanking. Spanking leads to sex in our world. For some men spanking leads to less/no/bizarro sex. 

I do wonder about the women in these relationships. How are they content to give up vaginal intercourse? OK, I know some will say that oral is more satisfying. I know that some men pride themselves on giving good head. But, to totally give up intercourse. I just can not get my head around that.

We may all enjoy spanking, we are so different. Something that I want is not at all what another wants. And vice-versa. 

You think the butterfly is giving oral?

4 thoughts on “Strange Men”

  1. Not my cup of tea but interesting to see what others enjoy. As far as the butterfly…looks that way to me…seems to me the flower ought to get something for giving up its nectar. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat

  2. Spanking has always led to sex in our relationships as well but that does not necessarily rule out trying some other things. I was always one to say I'd try anything once. After all you only go around once in life.
    Women giving up intercourse, no I can't fathom that at all.

  3. Back when we were young and agile, we tried some tricky sexual positions. We don't recall any of them being superior, but we were checking them off. In one, I lost my balance and fell on the floor. Of course, this had to happen just as I was about to come. A ruined orgasm.

    We must not have been “good fuckers” as more than once we would get going fast and furious and I would disconnect and we were both frantic to get back in and continue.

    That sort of stuff is all I wanted to do with ruined orgasms.

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