How did you get started in adult spankings?

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A reader suggested this topic and I think it would be of interest to many. So please post back a short story on how you got started with adult spanking?

For instance, if you are married when did you tell your mate of your passion? 

Let’s be interactive today!

18 thoughts on “How did you get started in adult spankings?”

  1. It had been a long standing interest that I hadn't done anything about until one night at a Christmas dinner during my time at university when a little too much alcohol had been consumed and towards the end of the night a few of us were sitting around one of the tables talking generally when the topic of sexual fantasies was raised and I revealed my interest in being spanked. Nothing happened but people weren't shocked so this gave me a bit more confidence to reveal these feelings in the future.

  2. Our daughter was away at a school camp, the weekend was cold but the fire was comfortable, the wine was very good, all very atmospheric. Out of the blue she said “spank me” and as they write in the classics, the rest is history.

  3. I've been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember. I told my girlfriend (now wife) very early on in the piece everything about me and, bless her, she spanked me leading uo to and after we got married but stoooed abruptly when child number one arrived.
    It wasn't until about eight years ago when I broached the subject again that we started up again and we've never looked back.


  4. While dating my girl friend (now wife) sometimes during sex play she would smack my bottom. One evening she gave me a smack and I said why don't you give me a good spanking. She did and has spanked me since and now much more often.

  5. My interest in spanking goes back to at least finding the Penthouse letters on spanking to be my favorites. I first spanked my girlfriend in college when she was insisting that I did not need to leave her house yet as it was getting late. I remember that when I said that I could not stay she replied “yes you can”. She gave the same reply to several other comments until I said that she needed to be spanked. She said “yes you can” and I then gave my first adult spanking. I spanked her many times after that, eventually giving her a belt strapping at least once.
    Spanking with my wife began with birthday spankings, then progressed to me spanking her during intercourse. Now I am on the receiving end of her leather belt, flogger, cane, quirt, wooden spoon and sometimes hand spanking.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Guessing here, but it sounds like you would have been happy to get spanked long before you did. Is that close to being right?

    How did you, your wife make the transition to your being spanked. At your suggestion?

    Does she still like to be spanked?

  7. I was around 17 at the time dating my now wife of many years. It was her birthday and I playfully suggested a birthday spanking to celebrate. I was surprised at how little she resisted and in fact insisted on removing her jeans and quite eagerly laid over my lap. After a few spanks she remarked that a proper birthday spanking should be done on a bare bottom so I immediately lowered her panties and went for it all out. After the spanking I had a half naked girl over my lap wanting more so it went right to sex.
    Better yet my birthday was only three days later and to my surprise she suggested spanking me as well, much the same way but I recall we were in my garage at the time and she found this piece of wood pretty much like a paddle which she used on me. I knew after that we had something great together and I also realized just how much the spankings/paddling enhanced our sex life.

  8. Thanks! I figured early on that full disclosure was the way to go. We've kept it up ever since.

    Happy Spankings.


  9. Mine is similar to “Hands63”.

    As early as I can remember be royally sexually turned on by the merest thought of spanking. Puberty hit and it got worse. Then I had to admit to my 12-year old self that spanking girls – Hitting! Girls! – turned me on. I felt I deserved and would wind up in prison. So revolted by the thought I buried any desire of actually spanking any woman – ever. I didn't want any women to think I was a dangerous, sadistic freak!

    Fast forward about 17-years. My new girlfriend “tricks” me into spanking her. Started light then saw she was enjoying it. Increased it a bit and still no protest. Put a hand between her thighs and her entire body arched as she sucked all the air out of the room. A little more spanking and rubbing and she jumps off my lap, pushes me back and mounts me, DEMANDING I fuck her and fuck her hard.

    The orgasms we both had were memorable; to this day, memorable.

    After, I asked he about the spanking and that she liked being spanked. Quietly, she admitted that she did.
    Me, softly: “Why didn't you tell me before?”

    Here it comes….

    “I thought you would think I was a freak and never want to be with me.”

    And there it was; neither of us wanted to admit to the other what we had both wanted. And as the story goes – Bacall – “…this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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