Spankette and Disciplinet

Well, here we are in another year. You would think I would make the first post of the year special. Sorry to disappoint. Just two mildly humorous items.

I looked for the official definition of Spankette and found this:

a. A flirtatious female who teases as if enticing someone to dare spank her.
b. A female (usually one who enjoys being spanked) whose buttocks are smaller, tighter, firmer than an average adult-shaped bottom.
c. A girl, or boy (probably gay), who likes being spanked, and either acts like, or whose slim shape resembles that of a young girl.
a. That girl’s nothin’ but a spankette – look at how she’s behaving, what a naughty tease – somone should take her over their knee… and man, am I tempted.
b. Sure, she’s kinda on the skinny side, but she’s a pure spankette – man, what a cute, naughty little butt.
c. That little spankette’s about to get a well deserved you-know-what.
Fine, but this also popped up in the search:
It notes that The mid-sized paddle is a fabulous all-around tool for most stirring needs. Some one there is a spanko.

I find the -ette suffix on the T to be incongruent. You think?

And she keeps a messy house.

3 thoughts on “Spankette and Disciplinet”

  1. As a kid growing up in an Italian family, you got hit with that spoon all the time and learned to hate it.
    Funny how things we hated as a child we now come to love.

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