Women Spanking Men

There is a scene in the ancient TV series, Hill Street Blues, where, for reasons not disclosed, there is a cow in an apartment building. The police try to led the cow down the stairs. One of the occupants explains to the cops that cows know how to go up. But, “cows ain’t got no down gene”. That’s where I have come to about women spanking men. Women may have the gene that makes spanking desirous for them, but few have the gene that makes them lust to spank a man. Many will spank, but lust is not the motivator.

Not that many women spank men. Even fewer will admit to it. And it’s rare when one is open about it. That’s life in 2017. 

Men write stories about spanking women. Men write stories about wanting to be spanked by women. Women write stories about how they want to be spanked by men or another women. Women do not write about spanking men.  

On spanking forum sites there is always playful banter about guys spanking girls. But, I have never seen the opposite.   

I have been pondering this for years. I have asked many women for their thoughts on it. They don’t have much to say about it. A word, a sentence, nothing more. I have come to this, women care as much about spanking men as they do about adding a turbo charger to their car. They don’t have the spanking gene that men do.

Most of those that spank do it because the man wants it. A few do it playfully in reciprocity or as pay back. But, women just do not fantasize about spanking men.

Prove me wrong. If you are a woman, do you look forward to giving a spanking? Do you think of interesting ways to do it? Do you make it a surprise or do you follow his guidance or what? 

I am so blessed to be with Bacall. 

BJ Trivia

I saw this. Not sure I believe it. Perhaps oral has come into and out of fashion many times?

Blow jobs may seem as American as apple pie these days, but that wasn’t always the case. The act was taboo for centuries, and the term didn’t even enter our lexicon until the 1940s, when it referred primarily to a forbidden homosexual encounter. So whom do we have to thank for bringing oral sex out of the shadows and into the mainstream? Organized crime, it turns out. From Mario Puzo’s The Godfather to Deep Throat (a film bankrolled by the Colombo crime family), the mob ushered the job into heterosexual bedrooms across the country, where it has stayed firmly in hand ever since.

Think it is true??

Strange Men

I have had my eyes opened by reading femdom blogs over the last few years. A few/some/many men want more than to be spanked by a women. They want things that would have never occurred to me.

Some men:
Give up vaginal intercourse to honor the woman
Want ruined orgasms
Want to wear a cock cage
Get off on having their dick whipped
Think a rough hand job from a woman wearing yellow plastic gloves is a thrill
Want the woman to continue a hand job after orgasm
All of the above

Not my matra, but some like it

This seems about opposite to the way we employ spanking. Spanking leads to sex in our world. For some men spanking leads to less/no/bizarro sex. 

I do wonder about the women in these relationships. How are they content to give up vaginal intercourse? OK, I know some will say that oral is more satisfying. I know that some men pride themselves on giving good head. But, to totally give up intercourse. I just can not get my head around that.

We may all enjoy spanking, we are so different. Something that I want is not at all what another wants. And vice-versa. 

You think the butterfly is giving oral?

Hot Bottoms

Here it is Monday again and I am caught short having anything close to meaningful to post. Working on a post near to my heart, but it just not ready.

All I have this week are picture posts. Here are two that have been well paddled and showing their hot bottoms. 

I especially like this picture. 

New Years Resolutions

We don’t plan any changes to OBB. Expect more of the same. Pictures of women I would like to spank and pictures women I would like have spank me. The pictures will usually not show red bottoms. I try not post pictures that are making the Tumblr rounds. The pictures will definitely not depict snarling or stern looking women. I seldom post pictures with captions. You can make those up yourself. Finally, some of the pictures will be original content.

We will continue to write about our spanking lives from time-to-time.

Third, we will always pushing the theme that you don’t have to act out to get spanked. We both enjoy fully consensual sexy spankings. By that I mean the spanking is arousing for both, no need for make up sex afterwards. It just follows.

And of course there will be the usual foolishness and WFT’s posts.

Since two recent posts enjoyed a decent degree of comments about your spanking proclivities, we will continue those from time-to-time. It’s always enjoyable to hear from like minded folks.

We think it’s going to be a better year. It’s going to a bumpy ride and very noisy as liberals protest everything under the sun. We plan to ignore them.