I have lusted after this woman for years.

Her screen debut was in 1977 in Peter Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show. I love that movie. Ben Johnson was a standout. I also enjoyed the sequel Texasville. [It’s difficult to locate now]

There was racy nude scene (for 1977) that shows Cybill stripping in an initiation. I like it because she is wearing a girdle, de rigeur for 1951, the period of the movie. Nothing like a girdle on a girl who does not need one.

Would have loved to hear a paddle smacking her girdled bottom

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  1. Ah yes Cybill. I remember her best from the show “Moonlighting ” with the then new actor Bruce Willis. However, and I have to say I had several female actresses who I “lusted” over as well , my favorite was Kate Jackson. I could picture her in a black corset, black stockings and heels and a paddle on her hand

  2. Time does fly, but she will always remain in my fantasy world. Cybill's hair and body shape matched Bacall's back when. How I wish I had taken pictures of Bacall in her girdle. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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