Red Panties For Christmas

Wednesday Bacall got out all of her red panties, seven of them and laid them on the bed. She said she was having difficulty get in the spirit and thought if I spanked her in red panties every day, it would be helpful. The things I have to do.

The first three days I used the red paddle on her.

This morning I had her laying face down on the couch while I brought down my belt on her red panties.

Maybe tomorrow the Santa spoon?

7 thoughts on “Red Panties For Christmas”

  1. This is just Bacall playing. Like the time she wanted to get two licks for every pair of panties she had.

    We celebrate The Twelve Days Christmas in our perverted way. Starting on the 25th, we each get a lick with the Santa spoon equal to the day Christmas. By the time we get to 8 that sucker is hard to take. But, it's a tradition.

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