Your Most Memorable Adult Spanking

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A reader suggested we try an interactive post. He is asking you tell us a little about your most memorable adult spanking and why it’s memorable to you.

I am asking that if you post anonymously, that you sign your post with some name, any name.

Come on take a minute and share your most memorable adult spanking with the other readers.


20 thoughts on “Your Most Memorable Adult Spanking”

  1. True story. It was in March, 1983. I was with three hot women: My wife, her twin sister, and her twin sister's girlfriend. We had just returned from being out for dinner for my wife's and twin sister's 29th birthday. The twin sister was wearing a denim skirt, and I just couldn't help myself. I flipped her over my knee and spanked her 29 times, all in good humor. What was amazing though, was that after watching this, the twin sister's girlfriend, with a telling look in her eye, informed me that her birthday was coming up in April. I said that I would see her then! Alas, we lived out of town and never had the chance. To this day, my wife still finds the whole incident humorous, and I still have the fond memories.

  2. Football spanking: I'm only allowed to wear panties. I pick a team. and every time the team gets a penalty, the panties come down and I get spanked Hard. the number of spanks is set by the yard penalty. the implement used is the paddle or wooden spoon. by the end of a game I don't want to sit my bottom is so sore.

  3. I got notification about your comment, but it did not appear. I poked around and found it in spam. Also noted a few other valid comments in spam. I have never gotten a notice of a comment that was sent to spam before. And I have never looked at the spam folder.

    We don't watch much football, but we would not watch it all if our bottoms were so sore we could not sit. Yikes!

  4. I've had many a memorable spanking but this one involved a threesome with my wife and her close friend at her friend's country home up in rural Connecticut on her farm. There was a barn on that property and that's where the spankings took place. I was marched out to the barn along with my wife and we were to be spanked together by her friend. We each had our hands bound and suspended above our heads by ropes which were tossed up over one of the barn beams. We were positioned so that we faced and touched each other. Her friend had a good size wooden paddle and she began by swatting our bottoms on our jeans. After a good dozen or so each she undid my pants and took them down completely along with my underwear. I then received about a dozen more good firm swats of that paddle. When she was done with me she did the same to my wife. What was fantastic about this paddling was that not only did I get a good feel of my bottom being blistered but I also got my wife's reaction to her paddling as we were in contact face to face with each other. It was an unreal experience to feel each others pain and enjoyment so to speak. After we each got our paddling we sort of hung there for a time in the cool breeze. I got rock hard and it wasn't easy in that position to get it between my wife's legs but somehow I did manage. Her fiend seeing this took the paddle to my bottom again and swatted me while I got myself off. Lets just say I was exhausted from the entire experience but one that I recall fondly and felt for a few days afterward.

  5. We were at a hotel and I had brought a cane. I told my wife that it would make less noise. She spanked me for about ten minutes. For the next week I proudly wore those bruises. I loved it.

  6. My most memorable was just recently. After the wife and I got home we had the house to ourselves as the kids and my Father had gone to my sisters house. It had been a while since my last spanking so I already had in mind it was going to be a doozy if my wife could last the distance.
    Well, it was, I think, the most intense experience to date. My short leather strap, my OTK rattan cane, the short handled bath brush, the long handled bath brush and finally the Smack Stick.
    60 swats/strokes with each with lots of rubbing and her fingernails lightly dragging ovee my skin – oh my goodness, it was heaven. I was bruised and marked for a few days. Magnificent. I want to go again as soon as possible…


  7. Oh I thanked her alright! I always do. She is an artist at this game, even if she doesn't like it. I make sure my feelings about it are known.


  8. My most memorable was a surprise. We were at a weekend party in the mountains. A woman I did not know all that well came in the room and gave me the come here sign with her finger. I went to see what she wanted. She said she needed me to come with her to her cabin. I was clueless. As we walked she said she was going to spank me, because she thought I has been curt with her in a group chat. And spank she did. It was the only OTK spanking that I ever thought was both effective and pleasurable. I could have taken more, but she left me wanting more. I then bent over a bar stool and she paddled me. Again, a warm feeling, that left me wanting more. I think that's what made the spanking so memorable. We never played again.

  9. I'm all the years I've been involved in spanking, I never had a random encounter with someone I did not know. I've been with “professionals” before, the pay for play kind,
    I won't name them here but they all have sites and blogs on the net and for the most part they were quite disappointing. I would love an encounter like you had, now I'm jealous.

  10. I knew her. I said I did not know her well. I said we had been in online group chats, probably several times. I don't recall our ever talking about her spanking me. I don't recall knowing that she spanked men.

    The reason we never played again was sad. I found out from her husband that she had mood swings. Bi-Polar??? After we played that one time, she quit taking her meds. Every time I saw her after that she was “down”. If she came with her husband, we did not see much of her. Stayed in bed I understand.

  11. I hear that. Last thing you need is an unstable person when playing.
    You could find yourself in position and instead of her holding a paddle on her hand she's got an axe!

  12. My most memorable was many years ago. My wife and I were home alone laying on the floor in front of the fire. We were watching “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” I got really excited when the scene came on about Sir Galahad at the Castle Anthrax I got excited. Then when Sir Galahad got “rescued” I said oh no darn. My wife got a sparkle in her eye and asked me if I wanted to see a real spanking. Without waiting for an answer she went to the bedroom and got my frat paddle. Then she stripped me and had me lay over a foot stool. She kneeled beside me and burned my bottom good with 50 stingers from my paddle. Our youngest son was conceived that day.

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